The Leave of Pain in Life

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   One cannot walk too short or too long on the road of life..

   When I was just tired of living and experiencing many life phenomena, it was normal to leave and disappear. The Creator had his foresight. When he left, he did not forget to let some pain be engraved on the wind and inside of this world of mortals, so that I could have some enough memories on the way back. I really don't know what else to remember then. I am talking about physical or spiritual things..

   As for material matters, that is really a joke. It is absolutely fair for all the people to be rich or to be surrounded by family members. No one can let God, who decides life and death, grant him a favor and Ego Sum's family members will go bare..

   Su Shi said on his deathbed that he didn't want this stinky bag..

   Yes, don't let it be, why love this riddled with holes.

   There are many passers-by in inside, but perhaps there are few who can pierce the bone and impress the heart. Some people pass by just to show you the scenery, while others pass by just to smile at you. Just like the landscape inside you met, you just set foot on that land and then you have to leave after all.. The fog clouds and herring floating in the water that we saw are only illusions in our later imagination. We may forget that we once surprised a pair of sleeping birds at the turning junction in the mountain several years later..

   These are colorful images of life..

   And some are met and can never fade and forget, although I don't want to meet or do my best to retreat with it, draw a clear line, clouds and water do not touch, but always helplessly entangled by hover, like infected with a magic, is unable to pull out the evil spell, can only let it in life inside crazy roar, frantically adamant4.

   Such helplessness may be fun in the game. I once thought it was just a game. I think the game will end one day and then start again. I will also play a game of life earnestly.. However, just like the time, they are not willing to turn back with their steps and still stubbornly linger in their indifferent and humorous life inside.

   I know a few of these people, whose names are funny to say. Whenever I look at them on a paper list or sometimes call their names, I am just like calling a clown to perform on the stage. In fact, all I bring is vulgar, ugly and painful to wield..

   Here I call their names again, fear and drum paper is really deep.

   I've met Ganyan before, and I really don't like such a person. I've been torn to pieces every day. I have to give up my arms for a while. once I give in, I'm nothing. I'm nothing but dust and bones. I don't even have a trace..

   I want to break up with him for the rest of my life and make unremitting efforts.. At that time, I often talked to him alone at night. I begged him to spare me a horse, but he just grinned at me and stuck to me without saying anything..

   I am unable to seek help from others. I remember my mother accompanied me day and night, but she always bowed her head and sobbed helplessly.. Ten years, ten years, I spent several days and nights, finally got rid of his entanglement. On the day when I left him, I made a concerted effort to get to know the people I would like to know and do the things I 天狮娱乐注册 would like to do in this prosperous world by standing alone on the street with surging tide..

   A person who stays on the road for too long will always lose the direction of the intersection ahead. Fortunately, I came out and walked out of the mountain. I spent 10 years of my beautiful youth as a price to say goodbye to the entanglement and the guy called Ganyan..

   When Wei Yan and Drum Paper really liked me, I didn't know what attracted them. Later, I thought maybe all kinds of improper lifestyles were their favorite. If they didn't eat or ate less, they were all Wei Yan's favorite. He often came to tease me when I didn't eat breakfast, and sometimes disturbed my life mischievously in the afternoon..

   At first, I didn't care at all. I thought it was a small fart child and he would leave after being treated. but who ever thought that this guy became more and more rampant. sometimes he would call me up at 12 o'clock at night, breaking my fond dream and talking with me all night about the view of life and death, the theory of fate. I was very tired..

   While the drum paper is really deep, it likes to tell me of his existence when I am sedentary.. I often write until late at night, driving is sitting all day, this is like throwing a charm to him, immediately provoke him to come, and then close to me, was like peas and carrots.

   When I asked him where he came from, he didn't answer but asked me if it hurt or not..

   At first, when I heard the name mentioned by others, I was very curious. Is there anyone with such a name in the world?? I thought that I was far away from myself, just like some disasters. It was just someone else's story, but I never thought that one day he actually walked into my life and could not get rid of it..

   Sometimes I comfort myself, that is, when I come, I will settle down. I will appease their wild temper. Peaceful coexistence is only for peace..

   I have come into contact with people suffering from serious diseases and can only surrender to life after fighting fruitlessly.. In fact, the person in danger is very indifferent. fate pushes him to the front of the disease and can only let him control it. instead of crying and crying, it is better to ignore it..

   An old man learned from his next routine examination without warning that cancer cells were desperately spreading in his body, running like a wild horse in his favorite grassland.. In order to see the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the sea before the disease devoured his normal organs, he stood at the foot of the Great Wall, staring blankly. Finally, he died in his hometown of inside, a small river..

   The last time I went to see him was last winter, when his deserted old grave was covered with hay and fluttered in the wind. Twenty years ago, I knelt here to send him away and the women around me cried like rain..

   The painful blank of life inside enriches the whole life. The body carries the whole process, just like my two little companions who live together. They are really afraid of strictness and bulging paper.. If you don't go, I will follow you. If you stay, I will accompany you. Compared with those emotional drifts and injuries, it is not worth mentioning..

   I think Dongpo is right. This is just a skin bag. The immortal soul is the real eternity..

   Author: Iverson





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