The trip was just for waiting.

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   In the silence of the wind, inside

   Sometimes I can see you

   Can feel your proud heart

   But what did you look like then

   It still blocks my vision

   It will remain unchanged in its choice

   Almost forgotten

   Of all the deep 天狮娱乐注册 feelings

   That trembling season your aestheticism

   Leaving is disconsolate for you.

   Flowers are crystal clear for you.

   The tears of pink butterfly will soon fade away.

   For you are only for the roses that withered at that time.

   She lost her former luster.

   Still smile back to the

   Those are your brilliant eyes.

   Blocking the Poetry of Ice and Snow

   Over and over again

   No pause

   And I took up the brush in the clear call towards the years

   Listen suddenly

   A leisurely topic

   At that time broke the silence of the breath

   Just as if I could feel your singing

   Through my greetings

   Every bit is Everlasting Love

   Unbreakable sincerity

   Across from me

   But I didn't pay attention

   No refusal to grieve

   Turning over your original sorrow

   It seems that the beginning has nothing to do with the ending.

   Return quietly in your familiar waiting.

   That's my foot step

   Long-term expectations

   Sprinkle with silver empty ordinary

   Stay for you.

   Happy for you

   Fragrant spring

   Lonely or whisper a few lines

   Must be you never tired of sad

   Then you will understand your face in this world.

   You will see the stars and fields here chasing the surging torrent.

   To sail far away

   You will have spiritual enlightenment

   On one's own night

   The moon her persistent glances

   It's really sunny when you walk past.

   It is still your unchanging promise

  Light up your way when you come.

   Author: Why care who I am





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