It has nothing to do with romance but sincerity.

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   Moon, wake up, Moon! The wind shook the sleeping moon hard, eyes filled with deep heartache.

   Is it all over when the moon slowly opens its eyes? Moon tried to lift her left hand, but no, the numbness clearly told Moon that her hand bone was broken..

   So, has the real problem been solved?

   Yes, but you're sorry! The wind looked at from head to foot not a escaped eye inflammation of iron fist month.

   I am determined, in fact, is not very good? I just broke my hand bone. I'll be fine after a few days' rest.. On the wind led the corners of the mouth, indeed as expected have enough pain!

   Ah Zhen, the month reminds me of ah Zhen's simple admiration many years ago, and now he has become the boss of such a big company.. When Arjun and Moon spoke of their ideals, Moon knew the way forward for them.. Month remember their promise, oh, ah, really, what's the matter in the future, said oh, I will die every month! Ha, ha, ha, I mean it, okay? Good, good, ha ha ha ha

   After years of hard work, Achin's business finally got bigger and bigger. On his way to struggle, Achin also met a woman named Yuexin. Yuexin is a gentle, kind, mature, enthusiastic, brave and tough woman. Therefore, when Achin turned around from the exhibition, the distant Yuexin dressed in red flew into Achin's heart for many years..

   As a result, Ah Zhen resolutely decided to marry the red butterfly on the fourth night when he was thinking of the flood..

   Moon clearly remembered that on the wedding day, Ah Zhen and Le Xin's happy smile on the stage were so warm and dazzling that they were all happy when they smiled at each other.. Sure enough, happiness is so easy when you meet the right person..

   Moon looked at the wind sitting beside her reproachfully. Hey, you idiot, you haven't even held a wedding for me yet..

   The wind smiled and touched the head of the moon, girl, I didn't say, promise you, will try my best to do it?

   Two years later, a true and happy baby was born, so the happy family of two became a happy family of three.. In January, you can often see the happy little family and happy big family, the healthy parents of both parties, and the brothers and sisters with satisfied smiles in Achin's space.. Moon smiled and thought, ah Zhen's wishes were indeed realized.

   When looking at space photos, Moon pretended to be wronged and looked at the wind. I also like children well, especially

   The wind frowned at the moon, that, tomorrow we adopt a go, ok?

   Month shrugged his shoulders, forget it, our family environment for children's psychological education is not very good, so, I still have two dogs.

   In his fifth year of life, Jan suddenly knew from the inside that there would be a big change in the market where ah Zhen is located, and inflammation would dominate the rules of the game in city a.. The Burning Moon's heart was what violent impact

   After a day and a night of silence month or across the door.

   Yan, I beg you, you give ah Zhen a chance to live. Month to break through the security barrier, rushed to the front of inflammation grabbed inflammation sleeve.

   Inflammation smile looked at the month, mercilessly off the arm caught on the sleeve, beg me? Please ask me? What qualifications do you have to ask me? Damn woman!

   However, Yan, I, as long as you promise to let ah Zhen off the hook, you can clench my fist and look pale at Yan in whatever you ask me to do..

   Month, you, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you can do anything. Well, you wait for me at night in Room 1721 of the sugarbush Hotel.. Inflammation malicious and insidious with a smile

   Pain, whole body pain, this is the only feeling after the month woke up, then gradually replaced by numbness, month leaning on The Wall, trying to stand up.

   Yan stands opposite like a devil. Moon, what do you have to do? What do you have to do? Where on earth are you worthy of the wind to give everything for you?

   With the roar of inflammation, the moon's heart contracted tightly.. The day before the wedding, Moon suddenly thought that Kimura's lithographic apparatus was very suitable for their Japanese-style bridal chamber and 天狮娱乐注册 shouted to Feng to buy it back.. However, what the month did not expect was that the wind, after several days of overwork in week, finally got him stuck behind the truck on the high speed. The wind died on the way to the hospital. The Kimura lithographic apparatus was ironically installed in the back seat..

   Inflammation shook the month hard, kept roaring, if it weren't for the dead wind, I would have you Cut to pieces ten thousand shreds, bone dust! Do you know what the last word the wind said to me was? He told me not to blame you, because you are the person he wants to protect most in his life.!Month, you selfish, brazen rotten woman, exactly, where is worth the wind to death are worried about you? (

   Yan adjusted his suit and said coldly and scornfully, "Get out."! This time I promised your request on the face of the wind, but don't let me see you again, otherwise, I will let you know my real heartache and anger.!

   Three months later, I read from a newspaper in January that the CB industry in A city had been reshuffled, and the company in charge of everything was Yan Feng Wang Dao Company. Miraculously, a company called MD survived and developed well, and attached a picture of MD's happy family. Commentators called it The Miracle of Love..





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