In July, who moved whose affection long(2)

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   It is extremely hot to find cool, cool, it is the residual lotus listen to the rain, cool, it is the plum blossom falling like snow, cool, it is the crane dancing in Sha Ting, cool, it is the shadow of the moving flowers in the month, cool is the frogmen striding out by the pond of cicada catcher in inside on summer night, cool is holding a lotus leaf, watching the lotus flow one by one by the stream, wave by wave.. Cool is the autumn feeling of your eyebrows, cool is the back of your turn, cool is the infatuation you never understand in my eyes..

   Draw a wisp of cool breeze between your brow, walk on the country road of the morning light, lightly arm your fingertips with a touch of homesickness, brush every piece of dark green and light red with dewdrops along the road, in the distance, jingle, jingle. Who knocked the bell of the morning reading on campus, the sound of lang lang's books, approaching, approaching, circling around the ear of curvaceous and soft. You, coming from the other side of the road with a smile, your attire is full of green lotus fragrance.. I, standing under the trees of the years waiting for your dream of green wind shaking the branches on your sleeves..

   As time goes by, I no longer pay attention to myself in other people's eyes, but only care about whether you and my life are happy or not.. Today's world is too noisy. I have a pure land in inside alone, scattered a few drops of Dew, planted a strip of verdant sentences, picked a few pieces of moonlight, and took care of the boat.. Also from time to time in the text stolen a love, stay in the bottom of my heart misty rain is tender, quietly, not jing, alone QingHuan, who can say this steal words not good! In the heart of sentient beings, the years are warm and life is lively and lovely.!

   With your days, your heart will no longer be lonely.. In the summer window of July, I read every word until I read the sentence into the green state in your heart..

   The years are gone, the world of lovesickness, who was the cinnabar on whose wrist? This July, who moved whose affection is long, the west wind, along the ancient road, your flute, harp and lyre blow out whose affection is ten million, blow away whose lovesickness is like hemp? I know that you are not in windy inside, only in my Jiangnan misty rain. On a hot summer day, I just want to be a cool woman in words.. With blue and white as the rhyme, porcelain white as the Fermentation starter, cooking as the rain, twisting a Zen meaning into the word, lotus as the reading, low eyebrow flower falls silent, silent deep lane, there are ancient cool and refreshing, there are bamboo sound of Xiaoxiang.

   Author: Meiyuan Xiaozhu





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