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   In the summer of July, I lean on the window with green dream Full stop. Out of the window, gardenia is pure white and blue, and summer lotus is faint and fragrant Full stop It is slightly cool.

   I wrapped myself up layer by layer with years, hoping not to get hurt again.. Later, I learned that when the emotion was cooled down bit by bit, the temperature was reduced, and the injury was naturally lighter. It became the plum blossom on my wrist. It was like a concealed flower. Occasionally, I saw that when the plum blossom was completed, the pain was always felt, but it was no longer biting and heartbreaking..

   The wind is obstinately reveling, from night to day.. The window was hit by it with countless uncoordinated rhythms. I went to sleep in these mess, my ear was still roaring with Changfeng and the glass was beating with Mao Mao. I woke up like this again and again. I don't know how many times. in fact, I should be scared and think of someone to accompany me. this night, I suddenly found myself strong and learned to face alone..

   This god sent a night of crazy, gentle drops of tears in the morning, let you feel instantly enchanting! I think of a noisy man in the village of inside who fought all day long. No one in this village or in other villages is afraid of him. However, as long as his wife shouts, he immediately looks like a different person. He is gentle like a sheep. People in the village of inside all say, "Stone bittern with bean curd will reduce everything.". Now that I think about it, it should be because he understands love that this is the case.!

   Looking at the rain falling drop by drop in eaves of a veranda and the time falling drop by drop in like, is the girl standing on Walla-walla still walking in In My Hometown Path. The young girl chasing romance in the rain, is she still dreaming in Crossroads, where the notes are beating, whose past was dyed red by the fresh impatiens, in a hurry and in a hurry, while I just want to find a way through which you can walk and wait silently in the rain. Although it is not the most romantic one to accompany you in your life, it is definitely the one that can warm you most..

   Last night, I tried to wander, and went to rove all over the world with my heart. I lingered, always, always by the side of the faint river. Suddenly, a flat boat cut through the darkness of the river, a little light wandering in the river, perhaps the former dust which forced childe is on the way to escape, I think not far away there will be a beautiful woman waiting for him in the deep lane. There are a few cats wandering along the bank, but they look intoxicated..

   At that time, I kept telling myself: summer comes along a sweet smell and pushes it to the extreme.. Enthusiasm in every day, brilliance in every moment, established turn around, behind is also a great achievement. As a girl, I should live like summer.. Life has no ifs, only results. I have been a good present myself.. The roadside flowers bloom, I bent down to sniff, gently brushed with the hand, dyed a sleeve fragrance, turned around and sprinkled on the book case, raised my hand against the fragrance of books, dropped the fragrance of flowers. When the rain falls, I write a few words of my own under the window of listen to the rain. It is best to be alone, a drop of rain, a wisp of cool breeze, or my own heart.. Don't have to pay attention to the text, only follow one's inclinations beautiful slightly cool, write my favorite, write my thoughts, light, appearing the character of Orlane, is my greatest love.

   At that time, I gave up the day of chasing the wind, just want to quietly watch a rain, falling from the tile ridge, drop by drop, drop by drop, on the grass under the porch inside, soon gathered into a pool of clear, verdant summer, cool the afternoon nap, leisurely around the fingertips, charming in a person's Jiangnan. When you come, I will wait for you..

   On a midsummer day, it suddenly cooled down, just to wait for a rain-it must be a blue misty rain. Perhaps this rain has been in summer's heart all the time.. The days in front of Steal Heart are also old. When I read them, the years in front of me instantly fade into autumn frost and hang on the low wall..

   I read you through a layer of landscape, rising bit by bit from the bottom of my heart, dyeing your breath on the corners of my mouth and brow.. The wind swept over the bamboo fence and turned out a green ripple. cicadas were silent and the trees were even. at the end of the road, you waved goodbye..

   I have picked up the old time of you countless times: there are elegant skirts of your clothes in the setting sun, poems that fall like snow and are full, and the implication that your blue shirt is half old.. If I want to put pen to paper, I have no way to put pen to paper. It is like the curtain of misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River. How can I wear it with thread??

   Sometimes we always say that we have to give someone something or a certain love an explanation, in fact, most of the time we give our hearts an explanation and give kindness an explanation.. Just as I am writing now, I just want to give my heart time as a waitress and give fireworks a little poetic flavor, that's all.. You and my writing inside all live in such a person who understands you and is tender to you. It just doesn't let the years get cold, doesn't let the emotion be pale and weak, and only writes in inside, and it's just a charming spring breeze between the eyebrows..

   This summer is cool, the words on hand are also slightly cool, and the meaning in my heart is shallow and light. The clouds in the air are also lazy and motionless. Only the cool breeze blows through Aman leave with a flick of one's sleeve from time to time. I am also lazy and quiet in the afternoon, watching the petals of blind carbon copy shampoo in the wind.. A cup of tea, a book, a quiet afternoon. This is how I read your future.

   These days, God's mood has been annoyed, always cloudy, my mood is also annoyed, vexed, melodramatic, angered the summer green is too old, vexed the cicada singing with a little cool thin wear years corridor disturbed meditation, melodramatic understand or do not understand the text, thought naturally annoyed can also be like sister Lin angered a few minutes of love, a few minutes of compassion. My heart is still thinking: listen to the rain in bamboo forest, how tender is raining, is it near or far

   It's another rainy night, just don't have a amorous 天狮娱乐注册 feelings.. Rain is falling gently, soothing, ding ding dong dong playing summer serenade; When the wind was blowing, cool thin's notes on the summer's meaning were all over the place.. Night decayed, flowers were speechless, dressed in plain clothes, long hair was scattered, barefoot walking under the porch, leaning on the swing, drinking a cup of wine, drinking wind and rain, and playing the nocturnal zither. I wanted to take you back to your hometown and fall in love with the rain, but the flowers were dribbling and drabs. Today and yesterday evening, I had to sleep and help the wind and rain..

   The rain has been falling, ticking away, as if there were endless love stories to tell. I am doomed to have no words this evening. I just want to watch a silent movie well.. So are you.

   Those who read in their hearts are naturally good, while those who read in their hearts are naturally beautiful.. Little Naughty went to the countryside once, and when he came back, he was ecstatic. As soon as he saw me, he gushed forth.. They went to the fish pond to catch fish first. Although it was like fishing in Xiao Mao, a fish did not rise to the bait, but it did not affect her enthusiasm for the country at all. They turned to the sheep pen to feed the sheep, and also went to the chicken house to pick up eggs. They said the chicken had just come down and was hot. They almost got pecked by the chicken. Then they went to the bamboo forest to listen to the rain and played with a little sister. It was a pleasant surprise.! It seems that she has not only gained happiness but also friendship during her trip to the country..It is called a never forget!

   A few branches of the plum tree know Junjie, and a cup of fragrant tea is a bosom friend.. When you said you wanted to come, you always failed to come. You said you were always tied up by common things. Voice inside was full of happiness. I understood it all of a sudden, but I was also inexplicably happy and knocked casually: You are mine whether you come or not.. Wait until the day is old, mottled ground broken thoughts; As the years go by, the moss becomes pale and frosty.. At that time, I wanted to hold the writing column, along your past and my past, picking up the flower fragrance one by one, strung it into a beautiful pattern of misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, and exquisite in the pear flower window. When you came, I used the moonlight to knock it on and rattle it.!

   After watching a lot of Time-travel TV Series, I think if I cross, I just have to cross to The Boy Who Cried Bitch where you are, and count the stars and sing songs without tune..

   The flowers in front of the door finally grew into what I liked. I knew that it was not how hard I spent, but how patiently I spent three years to accompany, protect and wait.. Once flowers bloom, looking back, everything is worth it, without complaint or regret..

   When it was hot, I put pen to paper: Palmetto Fan, on the second day of the cool summer that shook someone lightly, it suddenly started to heat up without any sign, just like the cherry blossoms on the bank of Qinchuan. The whole Qinchuan was suddenly filled with easterly wind overnight.. I am just the one who looks at flowers.. I remember you once said: I would like to dote on your sadness with the fragrance of flowers. From then on, your poems are full of worries of flowers. Sad inside also has a faint fragrance and spreads all the way to the appearance you like.. (责任编辑:admin)




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