Slightly boundless

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   In our ordinary and boundless life in inside, it is not only the pleasure of relaxed laughter and laughter.. As time goes by slowly in inside, a lot of pain is like thumbtacks, and the rolling wheels are stuck in our hearts..


   Time flies is like Breeze, whose wheels have slowly rolled over youth.. And our life exists in such a small, crowded and warm era. The huge background music reverberates melodiously throughout the century, embellishing Phnom Penh for this prosperous era. There are more times we do not know, places we have not seen, and this era has not stopped turning.. It uses a most cold and rational way to make everyone's life go forward in parallel.. In the twilight, what we see is the future of the fog, which promises to be bright. The thorns in the fog really hurt everyone's youth..

   In a small age, it is often full of sorrow and silence.. One by one, the people around 天狮娱乐注册 you left, one by one slowly walked into the grave of life because of injury, no joy or joy, lost everything, lived in the darkness of this city, looked at the myriad things in the world rationally and coldly, and finally walked into the eternal darkness..

   This is a society where the speed of light is developing. There will not be too much waiting and staying. The world often remembers a sharp dagger inserted in our hearts. my heart was broken still has to catch the last bus of this era.. The wealth gap has planted ticking bombs in people's relationships, with cold barrages poking at the soft bottom of the heart every minute and second..

   "We hid in our little bed inside, we are almost nothing. "

   In the small age of inside, there are too many strange and out of place.. We don't have the innocence of Tang Wanru, the depth of South Hunan, or the nobility of Gu Li. All we have is to sit on the sofa and look forward to a happy ending.. But eventually it cleared up and rained, only to say that heaven was doomed.. We are so small that we don't even know whether we are ordinary or not.. And this, it happened, is the truth.

   There are too many and too many dimness, so what we need to infuse is a kind of positive energy.. Shaun, for the sake of Gong Ming River's career, has become a well-known model from an already popular writer who endured various physical and mental pains.. Some people may think that the whole novel and movie are full of criticism and infidelity on friendship. However, in our life in inside, can you run barefoot on the elevated road for your good friends, and can you be a beautiful girl but willing to immerse yourself in each other's slapstick?? The vast inside, countless scattered sand, is refers to these people.

   In a small age, inside, you and I, are still alive.





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