Teacher, I want to praise you

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   The first time I saw you

   I was moved by your unique kindness Full stop

   You COMforted Without You with warm shoulders.

   Your gentle words and peaceful face

   To portray the true image of loving mother

   Like golden sunflowers

   Sprinkle plump sunflower seeds into the blue sky.

   The seeds are like jade plates.

   Like a beautiful fairy

   Into our hearts

   Germination, flowering and fruiting .

   Like Raphael's Madonna

   Embrace a child prodigy

   Have the whole world

   Just like we have you

   Teacher, I want to hug you

   Even a button in your arms

   Teacher, I want to praise you

   You wake up the sleeping me with the singing of flowers

   You call me with flying wings:

   "Son, get up quickly, you have to be strong! "


   Please allow me to put on a feather dragon suit for you.

   In this long winter

   Let me sing a song for you

   An Interpretation of Gratitude 天狮娱乐 by Song Without Words

   This article is written by Meiwen.com. Cn collation and provision





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