Touching Love Letter: A Tearful Love Letter

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   Yesterday's phone call was from 21: 00 to 2: 00 a.m. it turned out that over the years, I was only your confidante..

   It's not that I didn't do well anywhere, but that I was too good.. You said that you like women in The Innocent Girl, men have a natural desire for protection, and you like thoughtful but not thoughtful wives and mothers.. But I obviously have too much personality, so you appreciate me and love me, but cannot accept me as your partner, because I make you feel the potential pressure, you will feel tired and inferior..

   Why does everyone say: Xiao Chu is lovely, we love you, we love you. However, once a person has his own family and girlfriend, it is impossible to take care of you like this, just like you have to learn to walk on your own instead of relying on taxi every day..

   So over the years, I A Menina do Lado, boys have their own lives and left me.. Everyone said that you should find a boyfriend.. And all people are willing to regard me as a confidante.

   All people love me very much, but this love is tolerant and appreciated, not love.. You said, you can't face the excellent me.. You will show off an excellent confidante to others, that is your pride, but cannot accommodate a confident and strong wife, because you are a man..

   Be a confidante? I don't want to be a confidante!!

   You mentioned Liang Sicheng. Yes, Lin Huiyin is Xu Zhimo's confidante, but she found Liang Sicheng.. Zhang Youyi is a white rose, a good wife and a good mother.. I don't like Lu Xiaoman, but I appreciate her courage and passion because I don't have it..

   If love becomes thorn, missing becomes delusion..

   Girlfriend said, you are a great man. You should be self-willed and go to him. A man at 1 am is irrational.. I said reserved, I'm tired of having it over and over again, I'm tired of flying, and it's time to wait for life in a bland way..

   In fact, on a winter night six months ago, I came to you as soon as I got off the train after the trip. I wanted to give you a surprise, and I didn't want to give you an excuse to refuse me.. But I actually forgot that there is another possibility that you are not at home.. I sat on the concrete floor in front of your house until midnight.. I hate your cruelty to me a little. I cried and wet the thick Ski suit. Then I left the last packet of meal paper in your mailbox, inside, Mayflower, the brand we both like..

   I thought I wouldn't cry anymore. In fact, I am neither good nor strong, but no one opened the door of my disguise, not without courage, but no one thought about it.

   "You are not suitable for mine", this is the real reason, beauty is just an excuse! Why haven't I thought about the real meaning of this sentence I play with words, but words also play with me. It is better to be a beauty than nothing..

   A person in the street, 天狮娱乐注册 think a lot. It is true that I am not very willing, but I have no choice, except waiting for miracles, but there is no miracle in this world.. Yes, love is not love. I can't help it at all. How can I not understand this truth But I like you. So over the years, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. I've been waiting. Although waiting is bitter, there is hope of deceiving oneself and others.. So over the years, I just silently beside you, hide very well. Being a confidante is better than nothing..

   Love a person, need fate, not really will have results. You are the person I want to wait for in my life, but I am not the person he is looking for..

   When I saw you today, I said good morning and you said you would be worried.. I smiled and said, don't worry, come and go quickly, do I look like a fragile person? You said it was true that you were happy.. I smiled sweetly, saying how could I be occupied and why should I be sad? You won't see my tears, I don't want to embarrass you.. Yes, we have never started, so there should be no scars, only this feeling has been hidden in my heart for a long time, you won't know my pain.. You are rational, so am I..

  The appointment hasn't been decided/I don't want to expect it/the phone hasn't been hung up/the relationship has rotted/the memory hasn't changed into black and white/I've stayed out/the promise hasn't been said/the relationship is no longer//

   So we didn't start, it was already over.. You once held my hand, let ha ha over your shoulder and hugged me over your arms.. We have had five photos, and I like the one with the heart-shaped stone best, although the small one can't see our faces clearly..

   I behaved very well and behaved very well every day, always smiling sweetly, but I knew that my fingers were hitting the keyboard that shed tears..





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