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   She liked him for four years, collected everything about him, liked the way he bowed his head to write, saw him angry with other girls, and wrote countless love letters.. Just, all this, he doesn't know. Several years later, he and she were already not in the same city, but she received his gift before marriage, which was an earring she accidentally left behind.. Letter: I spent my youth unrequited love for inside, but I can't be with you..

   The boy and the girl made a contradiction and agreed to walk 100 steps back to back. If they could still see each other when looking back, they would not break up.. At 99 steps, the girl finally squatted on the ground and cried. A pair of arms encircled her from behind.. The boy said, I've been waiting for you to turn back. I won't let you go all my life.! We don't want to last forever, as long as we embrace each other warmly, it is enough.!

   The two women chatted about their respective lives.. "I can't cook, but every day I can eat a delicious meal prepared by my husband for me. "Young face, happiness can't hide. Another woman smiled shyly and whispered, "I don't know how to cook either. The food I cook feels terrible to me.". However, "she paused," he would eat the food completely every time, patting his belly and saying it was delicious. "

   She has always had a good relationship with him, Seven Years of Marriage, but she got married in a flash within a week after he died in a car accident. She is still happy and happy. All this made her son angry. In the sound of his voice questioning, she only asked, "Isn't he the most jealous . why hasn't he come back ."

   They had separated for a long time, long enough to have deleted QQ and lost their mobile phone number, and long long enough later, he and she were invited to attend the wedding of old classmates at the same time. she accidentally lost her mobile phone at the wedding. only he did not look through the correspondence book, and then he was the first to broadcast her number. the bell rang. he and she went to pick up the mobile phone on the ground at the same time. he saw the call on the screen showing "husband" without any comment..

   Girl x and boy z haven't talked for three days. when the invisibility on QQ turns a blind eye to their visibility, x said on the talk: "not meeting does not mean not missing, not contacting just to cover up sentimentally attached. "After half a minute, I received a reply from Z:" Idiot, didn't you see Z on the keyboard stayed beside X all the time? "seeing this, do you immediately find out the disTAnce between you and ta on the keyboard corresponding to the pinyin on your name ….

   When she was with him, she recorded the details on her microblog.. After a quarrel, she deleted their microblog in anger. When they were reconciled, she said to him, "I have no memory between us.". ""it doesn't matter, I have on Weibo. "

   She likes visiting the park very much and takes him to the garden whenever she is free.. But he is not interested in these flowers and plants. One day, she took him to a park on the outskirts of the city. The traffic jam was very serious.. He finally became impatient. "Is it interesting to see the flowers and plants so far away?"? Go by yourself.! "Her capering eyes suddenly dimmed and she whispered," I don't like the flowers and plants, but I like to watch the scenery of the city with you. "

   "I received an interesting email to do with my friends. Deskmate, do me a favor? ""yes. ""so . my favorite color? ""black. ""My Best Discipline? ""mathematics. ""our pet? ""has been called stupid dog. ""my style of dress? ""mix and match. ""I play the game? ""the world two. ""I absolutely don't know one thing? ""I love you. "

   He is about to get married. He dragged his best friend to choose a wedding ring.. "This is good. ""you help me try!","that . ok! ""just right.! "When she wanted to take off the ring, she was grabbed by his big hand." You can never take it off if you put it on. "! "She opened her eyes wide," you . are not going to get married? . ""Yes, with you. ".

   "If I were fat and thin at the same time, which one would you choose? ""of course it is the fat one. ""don't lie, who would choose fat. "". because, fat you no one hurts. "Remember, I cried at that time. Perhaps this is the most romantic thing he said to me..

   Dialogue between a pair of newly-married friends, bride: do you think we will still be together in the next life Groom: You asked this question in your last life.. This is the most romantic love story I have ever heard..

   Every morning he would call her, "pig, get up.". And she always, uh, hangs up in a few moments.. Later she said to him, why do you always call to wake me up? You know I have an alarm clock by my bedside. He said, because I think Iko Iko your voice, especially the lazy voice, really, that kind of feeling is very good.

   Many years later, she attended his wedding banquet, which she had a crush on for many years. He became personable and talked with Kan Kan. Sitting next to him was a beautiful bride. Although she did not feel the taste, she also had to go and congratulate him: "After years of absence, you have become talkative. In the past, when you talked with people you liked, your tongue always interrupted. Now you can marry such a beautiful bride back, which is amazing."! After hearing this, he blushed and blushed. "Really, really, really?"? "

   Boys are better to their wives after marriage than before.. A party friend laughed at him: "why are you still so bored with getting married?"? "He smiled wryly and said:" Before getting married, many boys wanted to chase her. Many boys would treat her well. I can only chase her if I treat her better. There are fewer and fewer boys who treat her well after marriage. I can't let her down unless I treat her better.. "What I have done is to make her happy. Say that finish, all the friends present were silent..

   The day before graduation, he looked at My Deskmate wearing headphones and writing a test paper. He wanted to say something to her but was embarrassed to speak. Finally, he tried to call her name. She had no response at all and still wrote the test paper. So he quietly said everything he wanted to say to her. When the bell rang and the class was over, he left his seat. My Deskmate released the pause button and was in tears.

   A prince fell in love with a princess. The princess told him that if he would stay under her balcony for 100 nights in a row, she would accept him.. So the prince did, and he waited for one day, two days, three days . until the ninety-ninth day, the prince left. Why does the prince no longer insist on the last day? The answer is very touching-love cannot be just a person's effort.. The prince used 99 days to prove love and 100 天狮娱乐注册 days to prove dignity..





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