La Fontaine's Fable: Shepherd and King

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   La Fontaine's Fable: Shepherd and King

   The two devils have no scruples in controlling our life, making us completely irrational, and everyone is dedicated to it.. If you want to ask their names, I call one love and the other ambition.. The latter is everywhere, even the territory of love. We all know this very well.. Next I will tell a story about how the king called the shepherd into the palace..

   The story happened in the old past, not around us.. A king was very pleased to see that the sheep scattered all over Yuan Ye were well-fed and strong under the care of the shepherds, which brought the king good income.. So the king said to the shepherd, "go and govern the common people, leave your sheep alone, and I will make you a powerful judge.". "

   In this way, the shepherd took over the judge's sword of justice.. Previously, he had only met a hermit, his sheep, hounds and wolves, and had not dealt with anyone else.. But he has a conscience, so he has everything else, in short, he easily got everything..

   At this moment his hermit neighbor rushed over to persuade him: "I am awake? Should I not dream? You have become an important person in Rigoletto! You must be on 天狮娱乐 guard against the king, his favor is unreliable, can let a person be cheated, the bad thing is that you will pay a heavy price for it. Mistaken trust in kings will lead to Catastrophe. Now you can't see that the temptation makes you unable to extricate yourself.. As a friend, I advise you to keep an eye on things.! "

   The shepherd smiled and nodded, and the hermit went on to say: "You see, palace life has made you very unwise. It is like seeing a blind man traveling and picking up a frozen snake, but he regards it as a whip and discards the whip of his waist inside. Just as he was glad that God had given him good luck, a passer-by cried:

   What is your hand inside? Ah!! Jesus Christ, throw away this sinister and poisonous thing. It's a snake.! '

   This is a whip

   ' this is a snake, I tell you, what does this have to do with me? Why should I bother? You just want to keep this "baby"? '

   Why not? I have already lost my whip, and now I have found a very good one.. You told me this is not jealous of me? '

   "The blind man finally didn't believe passers-by. Indeed as expected after the snake woke up, he took a bite on his arm, so it was not long before he was killed.. As for you, I venture to predict that you will Catastrophe. "

   "alas! What could be more unfortunate than death?? "

   "endless troubles will follow. "The hermit predicted.

   The hermit's words were indeed true, and troubles came unexpectedly.. The Treacherous in the court played many tricks and intrigues, and the king couldn't help questioning the integrity and achievements of the judges.. Some plotted a plot, some instigated the appellant and some people who had been arrested and punished by him.. These The Treacherous said: "He built a luxurious house for himself with our money.". "

   The king would like to see these so-called plundered countless wealth, but when he came to the judge's house, he saw only ordinary things. The poor and the poor have nothing to prove the judge's incorruptibility..

  "The money he has stolen," another said, "is mainly some precious stones. He has a big box full of ten locks! "

   The king opened the box himself and embarrassed the conspirators very much.. The inside of the box was full of rags: shepherd's clothes, jacket, small cap, dry food bag, sheep's whip and so on, even as if he had used bellows before..

   "My baby! "The judge said," I used to witness life, you never provoke jealousy and lies. I will take you out of these luxurious palaces again, just like walking out of a dream..

   "Your majesty, please forgive me so plaint, when I was in the ascendant, I had expected my own ending, all this I have been satisfied, but then again, whose brain inside has no ambition? "





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