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   Waning moon, split diagonally in the sky, lost in confusion, has an irresistible evil in its slender, curved claw-like shape.. Since ancient times, Booming Flowers and a Full Moon has always appeared in sweet times. However, flowers have withered and curtain has always been thanked. The God of frustrations will not give you a long and comfortable chance because of sympathy and pity. How many are there who truly have everything in their power?? The full moon fixes the beauty, but eventually it will be short of it..

   The road we walked together is too hard to forget. Now I have abandoned the immature me. Just, you are in the world I can't touch. Do you care about the world on my side? Do you know my safety and care? What I see is your pale face. I try my best to let you see my brightest smile and watch you go away.. This article comes from meiwen.com. Cn reprint please keep the source.

   Haitang petals drifted away with the wind, rippling in the air. In a trance, all the six years of primary school were dispersed, and infinite memories welled up in my mind. I couldn't help being warm-the bits and pieces were like the morning star shining on the horizon, the dim track of the station, the gardenia blooming silently in the morning, and a fragrant fragrance.. The graduation day is within reach, "graduation photo" and "Classmates Memo" entered Last days unconsciously.

   She is too ugly! Huang's thin face, pointed chin, pale eyebrows almost invisible, a pair of narrow eyes, covered in shallow eyelashes, thick lips, flat and large nose, a jagged buck teeth, is really annoying. She is a housewife, staying at home all day to take care of children and do housework.. In the eyes of others, this is an ordinary person.

   My younger brother, Xiao Guo, has a funny face: a round head, a palm-sized piece of hair on his forehead, and two protruding ears's. He grinned from ear to ear at the sight of people.. In fact, he is in a bad mood. He just can play, just like me, I take what, what he wants, grandma made me a paper tiger fat doll, he grabbed the past to play, I can't touch. When I want to write, he grabs the pencil. I eat steamed bread, he doesn't even eat eggs, also want to eat steamed bread .

   In the field of inside, people are sowing hard.. A farmer's uncle sat on a tractor and started the machine. Lines of newly turned black soil stretched under the tractor.. Some paddy fields reflecting blue sky have been planted with tender green seedlings, which look like felts from afar. It looks like green yarn at close range.. The young girl who planted rice seedlings wiped the sweat from her head, raised her head and looked at the green paddy fields. She giggled. The laughter spread far, far away .

   Seeing the flowers working so hard, the trees certainly did not want to lag behind.. see! The soft spring breeze is kissing the earth that has just woken up. The misty The Green Fog ripples on the willow branches …. Yellow tender leaves have spread out on the long branches of the willow, swaying gently in the breeze. The red cotton tree, which is covered with red flowers at high and low levels, is like clouds of burning fire. It is really spectacular. Peach trees are covered with peach blossoms, pink and pink, like patches of sunrise . What a wonderful spring!

   The lively swallows shuttled back and forth, and from time to time their chirping cries came from the air.. The beautiful butterfly flutters its colorful wings and dances lightly in the flowers inside.. Groups of little bees are making sweet honey for mankind. The swallows, butterflies and bees have added infinite life to the beautiful spring..

   Park inside, all kinds of flowers have opened. There are bright peony, delicate rose and fragrant rose … bees and butterflies are dancing in the flowers.. The green lawn is like a thick carpet, the tall trees are getting more and more dense, and the thick green branches and leaves are spreading like big hands, shielding the passing pedestrians from the scorching sun..

   Summer is the season of water.. The white clouds couldn't bear the heat and stretched their faces at once..As a result, big drops of rain jumped from the sky and poured down with cheers, becoming a unique scenery. After the rain, the air was exceptionally fresh and the beautiful sky drew a rainbow.. At this time, raindrops were still dropping from the eaves, splashing a little splash in puddles of water on the ground, large and small, making people intoxicated..

   Excerpts from Bacon's Essays

   one. Beauty is like summer fruits, which are perishable and difficult to maintain..

   2. People should behave like their clothes. They should not be too tight or fastidious. They should be in happy to facilitate work and sports..

   3. People love lies not only because they are afraid of the difficulties and hardships of finding out the truth, but also because they have a natural but decadent love for lies themselves..

  4. The greatest trust between people is the trust in words.

  5. If what people say is more true and credible than what the elites say, this need not be surprising, because people do not have to take risks in speaking. .

   6. No matter how angry you express, don't do anything irreparable..

   7. Love on stage is much better than love in life.. Because on the stage, love is only the material of comedy and tragedy, while in life, love often brings misfortune.. It is sometimes like the seductive siren and sometimes like the vengeful goddess..

   8. The beauty of form is better than the beauty of color, and the beauty of graceful behavior is better than the beauty of form..

   9. Luck is not without many fears and worries. Bad luck is not without much comfort and hope..

   10. Lucky timing is like trading in the market. As long as you delay it, it will bring degrade onself (Meiwen.com. cn).

   11. The beauty of appearance is better than the beauty of color, and the beauty of appropriate and elegant behavior is better than the beauty of appearance.. The best thing in the United States and China is what pictures cannot show and what one cannot see at first sight..

   12. Apart from knowledge and learning, there is no other power in the world that can establish rule and authority in people's spirit and mind and in people's thoughts, imagination, opinions and beliefs..

   13. Husband and wife's love makes human beings multiply.. Les amies qui t'aiment, give people help. But the wanton love will only make people degenerate and destroy.!

   14. Accustomed to fraud is actually a kind of cunning caused by weakness and lack of thinking, not a superb strategy. .

   15. Overspeed is one of the greatest dangers in doing things..

   16. It is a sad mentality to be idealistic and indecisive..

   17. The golden age is ahead of us, not behind us..

   18. Collective habits are more powerful than individual habits.. Therefore, if there is a social environment with a good moral atmosphere, it is most conducive to the training of good social citizens..

   19. Money is the luggage of morality and a big obstacle to virtue. Because wealth is to virtue, just as the army and the trench are, without it we cannot do it. Having it hinders our progress and sometimes we even lose our victory because we take care of it..

  20. Mental defects can be improved by seeking knowledge-just as physical defects can be improved by exercise..

   21. Beauty is of course very glorious if it is born in a person of high moral character. In front of it, the people of improper behaviour will feel ashamed and avoid it..





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