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   Excerpts from Bacon's Essays

   Now I can't remember clearly; it will take about a month or two. One day, I suddenly felt lonely, really the so-called "if something is lost". My hidden rat always parades in front of my eyes, either on the table or on the ground.. On this day, however, most of the day did not see it. Everyone had lunch and did not see it COMing out. Usually, it must appear.. I waited for it for another day or two, but I still didn't see it..

   Tokyo is nothing more than this. When the cherry blossoms in Ueno are rotten and flourishing, it looks like a rosy light cloud. However, there is no shortage of "overseas students from the Qing Dynasty" in groups under the flowers. The top of the head is hung with big braid, and the top of the hat made by the students rises high to form Mount Fuji.. There are also plaits that are disbanded and flat, except for the hat, which is shiny and can be seen as a little girl's bun, and the neck is twisted a few times.. It's really beautiful.

   My family lives on the ground floor. Every time I go home with my mother and get out of the elevator, I press the button on the first floor. I wonder why. My mother said: I take the elevator to go home at this time. No matter who I am, my heart will be very anxious to go home, so I won't let people wait for more on the first floor.. My mother's words, let me know the life at any time to pay attention, for the sake of others, will give more people warmth.

   Autumn is Jiuzhaigou's most Brilliant Season. Colorful costumes with colorful spots, such as Cuishan in Ut Pictura Poesis, dreamy water, golden birch leaves, crimson maple leaves, wild fruits in blackish red dark red, and colorful forests reflected in the clear and beautiful lake water, shimmering.. Colorful Petals Floating in the Lake. The distant clear sky is blue and clear, and you can see the most beautiful scenery in nature..

   In summer, Jiuzhaigou is hidden in the verdant dense shade. The colorful sea seeds are COMbed with green branches and aquatic plants by flowing water. The colorful wild flowers on the edge of the sea seeds are in full bloom, set off by the sparks in the sea in clouds and clusters.. The silver curtain of waterfalls was flying fast.. The gentle wind blows prayer flags, the treetops, and your free mood like running water..

   Jujube trees are planted at the edge of the field, beside the road and behind the house.. Green small leaves, one by one, grow on brown branches like green fish scales.. By the eleventh, red dates were hanging one by one under the green leaves, swaying like small colorful lanterns, red, dark red, purple, and half red and half green, sparkling and attractive..

   Spring has come and sister chun has brought colorful colors to the earth.. She gave peach pink vest and peach pink face. She gave the grass green trousers, the grass green and tender green.. She gave Yingchun a yellow bow, and Yingchun smiled golden.. She gave apricot flowers a wedding dress, and the tree-covered apricot flowers opened shyly..

   Spring is not only a season of flowers in full bloom, but also a season of picturesque scenery. It is not suitable to go to the park inside in spring. Spring is full of green and fresh air. Sometimes, when tired, you go to the park to have a trip, breathe the fresh air and see the beautiful scenery. This is really relaxing.!

   Midsummer night, sending out a kind of light tender feelings, like a kind smile on the old man's face, like sweat on the strong man's face, like dong girls swaying group pendulum. In this summer night, a faint glow still hung on the horizon. The glow became the most beautiful tender feeling in inside on summer night, like the colorful dress on the bride's face, while the mountains, such as long Xipa, quietly hid the smile on the bride's face..

   At about 4.: 00 p.m., the sun gave off its brilliant light without stint, coating the pedestrians in the street and the trees and buildings on the roadside with a layer of gold that could not be scraped off, and bringing us a warm feeling.. The wind, like mother's hand touching your face, is warm and comfortable.. And clouds are like pieces of melted milk sugar sticking to the sky..

   There are so many primroses one after another. Look at this one and see which one is also very beautiful.. You see, the clusters of winter jasmine flowers, some close together, like chatting together, some in twos and threes, like whispering, some branches have only one flower, which reminds me of the idiom "one branch stands alone.".

   The moon shines on the water.. Moonlight is like a gentle net, dense and long, woven from the sky to the water surface, and laminated on the water surface layer by layer.. Stretched out his hand to touch the net, but can't touch it, can only feel the net is soft wet, the net with the smell of sweet coolish, a faint scent straight into the heart. The trees along the bank and the reeds along the bank also danced lightly, like to accompany the moonlight, and like to show off her gentle dancing on this large stage..

   The moon is sad. Only she herself knew of her sufferings.. Silent Night inside, she is lonely, without any bosom friend to accompany, also does not have any little voice lively, only has a plenty of empty ghost like water, boundless loneliness. What else could she do? She had to shed her faint light on Huanyu to relieve her boredom and create some feelings of Yangyang. This was perhaps her most substantial relief..

   A few days before the competition, the head teacher of each class led the students to sing.. Sometimes the beautiful and beautiful songs of students float back and forth between schools, and music hangs over the whole campus.. Our class is no exception. Our entries are "China Young Pioneers Team Song" and "Put Le Cerf-Volant on". Before each class, our team will practice singing. The more we practice, the better. The sound is just like the lark's song, so euphemistic and beautiful.

   Each class stepped onto the stage one after another to perform, and the colorful spotlights shone on them together, as if the students' singing was more beautiful.. The best singer was Class 5. of five years. They had many props, which made people feel as if they had seen the scene in the song. The song was also very beautiful.. The dancing of several classmates in front set off the singing even more, which was absolutely intoxicating..

  Every night it is a rainbow in my dream, connecting the distance between my heart and my hometown.. Day by day, it is a cavity of boiling rivers, silently flowing soul homesickness. Who is that, at the edge of the Yellow River, with a deep voice, moved me back to the thick soil of the Central Plains; Who is that, on Songshan Mountain, a poem of homesickness brought me back to my hometown.

   The seven epiphyllum blooms last night hung on the scattered green leaf handles, just like A Maid from Heaven descends into the earth and Try to deceive by covering up one's real purpose, fearing that the wind and rain will tarnish the sanctity. They put Said of a woman or maiden away and used the purple Rosa to shelter from the wind and rain, shyly and shyly, only quietly revealing their silky white underwear.. Under the bright and straight green leaves, the body is like a huge Magic Brush, full of 天狮娱乐 vigor and vitality, bright and full, dazzling, like a master of painting and calligraphy, buried in deep thought, planning and conception, Magic Brush is stirring.

   I made a basin of clear water, put the red scarf in the water, then I fished it up and smeared soap on it. I found one place was especially dirty, so I rubbed the place hard. in a short time, my hands were covered with soap bubbles, which was slippery and I felt really funny.. After rubbing for a while, I put the red scarf into the clear water inside to rub, and the clear water was like ink. Then I fished the red scarf out of the dirty water inside and hung it on the bamboo pole to dry..

   Lu Zhishen walked through several mountain slopes and saw a big pine forest and a mountain road.. As they walked along the mountain road, they could not walk half way to inside. When they looked up, they saw a ruined temple. The wind was blowing and the bell rang.. When looking at the mountain gate, there was a red card of flour's old Zhu, with four gold characters inside. They all fainted and read "Temple of Pot.". Another 40 or 50 steps are not allowed. When you cross a stone bridge and look at it again, an ancient temple has existed for a long time.. After entering the gate of inside, it seems to me that although it is a big brake, it would cause great damage..

   Sitting alone in the guild hall inside at night is very sad, and I suspect the news is not true, but I think it is extremely reliable for no reason, although there is no evidence.. There was no way. I only wrote four poems, which were later published in a daily newspaper. Now I am going to forget them all.. I only remember one of Shuri, Okinawa's six sentences. The first four sentences are: "Talk about wine all over the world, sir. Small drinkers, big drunks, small drunks and sinking.". "Forget the two sentences in the middle, the end is" old friends cloud cleared, I also wait for light dust. " (责任编辑:admin)




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