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   Sweet Tanabata, rejoice together, be company with you, and have no resentment in your life.. Rose confides her love to Fang fei, text message conveys the message of love, and a day of deep love on Tanabata will continue our Love Forever.

   The leisurely galaxy may be a little cold, and the story of Tanabata may be a little sad.. However, all lovers in the world will be lucky and happy to hide under the melon shed.. Happy Valentine's Day!

   When you are free, look up at the sky and the moon. I look at your eyes, the hazy cloud shadow on the edge of the moon, and the screen weaver weaves for cowherd.!

   Tanabata is a festival where cowherd and weaver meet once a year, but I can be with you, watch you and kiss you every day.. Dear, what do you say?

   Looking at you from a distance, approaching and telling you, "Happy Valentine's Day … Please pay me back."!

   Love without roses is not necessarily wonderful, marriage without vows is not necessarily eternal.. But Valentine's Day on Tanabata cannot be without my blessing: May the world All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill..

   Turn feelings into warm sunshine, bathe your lonely heart, and make the world of your heart bright. Turn missing into bright stars, dotted in your heart, let the heart rely on no longer lonely.

   May single people find a warm haven, lovers find a happy paradise, petals of love 天狮娱乐注册 always Dance Flick, and sincerely wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

   Greeting the morning star, walking across the sky, with a powerful and unconstrained style, not far from inside, heaven and earth, holding Piety in hand, holding love with your back, carrying lucky stars, building magpie bridge and Waiting For You in your heart, I wish you a happy Tanabata.!

   Tender feelings are just like flowing water. Love is strong and gives birth to regret. Perfect Match is like A Quiet Dream. It is really happy to meet each other. Today is Tanabata. magpie bridge interprets true feelings. Love is not just acacia. The bright moon illuminates Now and Forever and wishes you a happy Tanabata..

   It is also the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Cowherd looks at Vega and faces each other across the river. The Milky Way bridges Next of Kin and worships marriage in the sky. They often praise each other all their lives.!





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