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   On that day, the villagers' threshing ground needed to be connected to the power supply. Without further ado, the sunspot carried the ladder on his back and took the tools and left.. The wire is to be laid on the wire hanging high between the two poles.. Due to lack of professional knowledge and no protective measures for live working, sunspots got an electric shock and came down from I Can't Afford a Wheelchair about three or four meters away..

   Sunspots are not electricians in the village of inside. They could not have done this, or they could have ignored the help of villagers.. This is how he works. He also carries bricks and tiles to build houses in inside villagers' homes at ordinary times..

   Because enthusiasm and selflessness were the hallmarks of young people in that era..

   Sunspots are like a handful of sand and a tree of flowers and plants. They exist silently and disappear silently..

   Perhaps he is the son of this land and will remain in its arms forever.. He elevated his short life to an eternal state and fixed it as eternal youth.. I remember seeing him off on the day of the sunspot, and the villagers educated youth wailed, not only sad, but also sorry.. He is really a good man.

   There were no green pines and cypresses and no hymns, but that year Rhododendron simsii was exceptionally bright, red, yellow, pink and covered all over the mountain..

   When we returned to the educated youth spot, we went to the cemetery of sunspot specially to look at the comrades lying silently on the hillside for decades..

   The tomb mound of sunspot was built by the educated youth in those days with bricks and concrete. The tomb mound was very large, but after we left, there was no one to clean it for many years. The surrounding area was covered with weeds more than one person high, so that we had a lot of work to find it.. Everyone took out the firecrackers that had already been prepared, and the sound of exploding suddenly resounded through four week. The sound told sunspots in another world that we were coming to see him..

   The educated youth era has gone further and further, but we will not forget that there is an educated youth called sunspot..


   I like the night in The moon is bright.

   Because, in the clear moonlight, I met a pair of sparkling and bright eyes.

   I love the countryside full of rice fragrance..

   Because, in the season when rice blooms, a wisp of fragrance drifts across my braids.

   A long time ago, I once wrote a passage like this. I might as well paste it to show off the most low-key first love of young people in inside, our village in that era..

   "I don't know is he 1.80 meters in size attracted me, or his calm introverted character makes me curious, and seems to be not.

   Looking back, suddenly understand, turned out to be his talking eyes in trouble.

   From then on, my heart throbbed a little more. From time to time, I jumped like a little rabbit, and my cheeks were often scorched by his hot eyes..

   In order to dodge those eyes that are hot pursuit and soul-stirring, they are often embarrassed.. The eyes are like chasing lights on the stage, following me to every corner..

   Slowly, I finally can bravely face and meet the eyes and bear the heat of it.. Just found out, began to accept and like him.

   Like a gently blowing wind, like a cloud after rain.

   There are no flowers whispering, only beautiful water, green mountains, blue sky and white clouds, and the fragrance of rice and flowers that fills the air between gasps..

   It's just a pity that, just as I was savoring the feeling of being young and having a different taste, I left the educated youth point and went back to the city before him..

   Since then, it has been treasured in the bottom of my heart and long(time) is mellow.. Every time I meet the bright moon that rises in the night sky, I can't help it. I can't help holding the lamp lightly and savoring it carefully..?

   Grateful for those provocative eyes that lifted the veil of my hazy first love.. Thank you for the charming moon.

   I was twenty that year, unforgettable twenty years old.."

   Time is too long, the story has become old, even the cover page has yellowed, and the writing technique is old enough to identify the traces of the last century.. For me, it was always like yesterday..

   The most common one among all the flowers, I walked along with spring..

   This is my precious 20 years old. I left a series of footprints on the beach of the sea of love in my misty mind. However carefully I managed, I finally did not leave the emotional world of youth empty, pale and tasteless.. This portrait left by Thank you for life has given the Qing Chun Fu a colorful color.. Although it is as short as rice and flowers, no matter how old I am, I can still breathe its fragrance..

   The unforgettable memories of educated youth and those of Ji Qing Ran Shao De Sui Yue have become forever.. No matter how time flows, it is there. Like milestones, it is full of will, responsibility and responsibility.. Although youth has passed away and time has passed, the most precious thing has settled in the bottom of my heart, that is gratitude..

   I would like to pay tribute to the educated youth and to my youth..

   People from inside, Maan Coffee, go in and out carefree. After one batch goes, another batch will be added.. As long as young people in peaceful and prosperous inside have dreams, they will have the opportunity to realize them.. This is a good time to make dreams come true..





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