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   Not long ago, our family had dinner outside, and our son said, "Mom, I'll take you to a nice place later.". The moon that night was so full and bright and flawless, which vaguely touched the memory of inside in my heart. Every time I saw it, I thought I was really old, otherwise I wouldn't be so old.. People, it's really strange, the older you get, the more things in your early years are shaking in front of your eyes. Some things happened in the past, such as the flowing clear water, which is transparent to the bottom and not cloudy at all.. People often say that starting to miss the past means that you are old.. I think I am old.

   After a long drive, my son came to a coffee bar called "Maan Coffee". The new decorative style brightened my eyes. "The most popular workshop art at the moment," I said, "is an abandoned factory." "Mom, that's what people want," he said, smiling "new, fashionable.". The hall is really like a big factory building. It is very spacious and has no too much decoration. The middle The Spiral Staircase connects the upper and lower floors. One flour The Wall is the place to store books. All kinds of books are listed on shelves, which are very convenient for people in Upstairs Downstairs 2010 to take. Its style is unprecedented in any bar and cafe. It has both the freehand brushwork of urban life and the elements of fashion.. Perhaps it is my traditional ideas, or perhaps it is the patriotism of nationalism. In a word, it just feels much better than Starbucks, unlike its crowded and noisy space.. My son leaned close to me and whispered, "mom, I tell you, this is another good place for young people to install x". I gave him a close bump with my arm slung over his arm. "ha ha, mom knows," I also joked with my son..

   After all, being a young person, life is easy and you can go as you please, I think.. Perhaps we have experienced too much and our life is heavier, so it is difficult for us to put down our thoughts. It is rather difficult for us to follow our wishes from time to time..

   The young people who can come here, at least, are calm and collected. They have not let the impetuousness of the outside drown them out. They have not groaned in vain, "Where is the time?". In this way, it seems that "pretend" should be regarded as a commendatory word. The initial antipathy towards this word was gradually subverted and accepted, just like I like the inexplicable "unknown sleep calendar, The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world".

   Under the dark colored lights, we were already full of leisurely and carefree people. Our family of four found a seat in a corner and could look around week. I looked around. Except for me and my husband, the rest were all young people. The old couple actually became an alternative here..

   In the hustle and bustle of the city of inside, Changsha, which is a hi-tech city, it is undoubtedly a paradise to sit down and relax your nervous heart..

   Coffee drinkers drink coffee, reading books, whispering songs, quietly doing their own things. This elegant atmosphere, and the kind of act as if there is no one else present, have intoxicated me, adding a lot of regrets, not thinking of my youth, thinking of the past.

   Think leisurely, long educated youth, read leisurely, often suffused with the years in my heart.


   Intellectual youth used to be the special name of that special era, and history has taken me away from that era.. Ignorant age, pure youth, gave me too much memory and life is not the same hone.. I was eighteen that year..

   It is a beautiful place worth recalling..

   From a distance, between the green gauze and the ink shadow, red, orange, yellow and green, a little thick and a little light.. In autumn, not too high hillside is full of colorful, a winding path extends to the foot of the mountain, this is my small village to the countryside.. There are two rows of red brick and red tile houses in the middle of the silent mountain valley. A look at them shows that they are the dormitories of the educated youth.. Next to it, a few scattered Farm small courtyard stand out against each other with red brick and red tile houses, presenting a rural farm scene.. The peasant family and the educated youth all went out to work, and the mountain Tokonoma was silent without a sound except the occasional crowing of chickens and tits..

   It is the autumn harvest season.. At the head of the red brick house is an acre of earth flat. The flat flour is paved with cow dung and mud. The flat flour is strong and dust-free.. On the left side of the flat was drying wet rice that had just been beaten back from the field, while on the right was already dry and glistening golden under the fierce sun.. I am glad to see it in my eyes and feel it in my heart. These rice grains are watered by our sweat and are our own rations for the coming year.. The harvest is our greatest joy..

   There are no seats, no coffee, no melodious music, no warm colored lights, but there are clearer moonlight like today.. The moon was big and round as if it were hanging on the treetops. The night wind was so fresh that one's chest was soaked with the fragrance of weeds. The educated youth sat on the threshing floor, drinking cool well water and imagining the future. As a result, the hard work of the day turned into joy..

   The hardship of life is beyond the imagination of young people nowadays.. At that time, according to the national policy, the resettlement fee for each person was 480 yuan. after removing the cost of building houses for the educated youth, there was little left. the rest was our basic living expenses for the first year. with this money, we were able to exchange food, oil and other necessities from the peasants. it was hard to imagine at that time..

   In the second year, it was even more difficult. Without the source of living expenses, everything depended on ourselves.. It was the time when the green and yellow crops were not picked up. At that time, there was no solution, so we had to measure the rice from the villagers first, then eat up the rice and eat the red pot dish..

   Red pot dishes, simple and creative dishes, are the specialty dishes in which restaurants do they serve today, even if they can attract a lot of customers.. I remember my son once asked me when he was young, "Mom, what is a red pot dish?" Ha ha, probably the child thought it was a famous dish in inside. I told him that he didn't need oil to stir-fry. He first heated the pot, poured the washed vegetables into the pot, and could hear a "sniff.". It's just that I can't describe the taste of the food to him, and only let him read it from my expression, inside himself..

   Red pot dishes can be eaten once or twice, and 天狮娱乐 if you eat them for a long time, your stomach will be short of oil and water.. When growing up, the labor intensity is heavy. Boys sometimes bear a burden of 170-80 kg. Girls transplant rice seedlings and cut rice. When the sun rises and sets, they will eat up more rice without oil and water. Boys can eat four or five bowls and girls can eat two bowls in one meal (bowls are a local bowl for rice. The bowls we used at that time are equivalent to the five small bowls now). Compared with the appetite of the girls who want to keep in shape now, we had a meal at that time and the girls today can eat it for a week.. It's not exaggerating at all. Ha ha, if they saw what we were eating at that time, how would they gape.

   This generation of us may have suffered too much and gave too much favor to our only child..

   People of the same age group, I looked at the young people in the coffee bar in inside and thought that they had caught up with a good era..

  After the TV series "Karam (Hindi film)" was released, the young people now saw how their peers passed through their youth at that time. However, I think what they saw was our experience, but they did not necessarily understand the changes in our time, world outlook and values.. My son asked me, "Mom, was that what you were then?" I smiled and said, "There are similarities.".

   The cloud is light and the wind is clear. Life gives all wealth..

   What I thank most in my heart is the local villagers. Without their support, our life would have been much more difficult.. I remembered a word from Lu Xun, thanking fate, the people, the thoughts and all the people I want to thank..


   An era has a label of an era..

   He is just an ordinary educated youth. But his death distressed all the villagers and educated youth.. His name is "sunspot"

   Sunspots are among the 30 educated youth who are the most eager to help others. They are slightly older than us, so they are also like big brothers.. Everything is difficult for him, no matter who he will sincerely help. (责任编辑:admin)




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