The cuckoo bird returns twice.

时间: 作者:小乌龟

   The sea breeze is blowing the shore gorge and the green hills at a distance usher in spring..

   At this time, the flowers and fruit trees once again descended on this lofty mountain..

   The birds in the sun spread their wings again and flew to the sea that they had been longing for for for a long time..

   Red apples are still the only reliable food in the mouth of the green snake..

   A flawless fairy walked slowly out of the green trees..

   When she saw the clouds at the foot of the mountain, she turned into a crane and swam in it..

   Phoenix's fire cannot match her exquisite track..

   At last he came to a village in Smoke is spiralling upward from kitchens chimneys.

   Here is a place where there is no bustle and all kinds of right and wrong..

   This is his only home and her fairy house..

   Her teacher has lived a hundred years, but she is still a white and red teenager in inside..

   On this day he felt that something would happen and rode away on Tianlong.

   Yes, there is an intruder in this mountain. He barged in.

   This mortal is absolutely not allowed to step into fairyland. He will be cursed.

   The guards caught him and decided to throw him to the earth..

   But he escaped, fled to the fairy house and was found by her..

   She didn't say much but only protected him from the hunt..

   Since then, he has deeply remembered her unique soul in the sky..

   When he returned home, he was cursed by her master..

   In desperation, he begged to forgive his own life..

   The teacher didn't want to say much about punishing him. He could only live underground..

   After she knew it, she prayed for the master's 天狮娱乐 forgiveness.

   The teacher flew away without saying anything..

   In order to find him, she searched all over Middle-earth..

   Some people heard that she found him and they all turned into cuckoos..

   Their story is a moving story .





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