Love is all the way, you and I.

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   In late autumn, yellow and red clothes adorn our campus. Occasionally, autumn wind blows and winds blow in circles.. Blowing up winter clothes, hot meals and hot pot. Of course, food stalls are no exception..

   Change dance clothes, wear plain clothes, walk on the way to the outside of the school, although there is a little rain in the autumn wind, but still can't stop our excitement of going out to eat..

   On Friday, our liberation day. After noon nap, three or two people went out in groups, some went out to eat, some went out to go shopping, and I was one of the front row people. I was always in front of the snack stand..

   Standing in front of a familiar snack stand, lighting things like this and that, occasionally the autumn wind blows, I just gather up my clothes and stamp my feet to stimulate my goose shivers for me to keep warm.. Ah!! Out of the corner of my eye, there was a snack I used to like in the corner of the stall. I couldn't help stepping up to it-tender tofu

   Yes, their owners are two people who are 天狮娱乐注册 probably over 70 years old.! Trembling hands holding a small spoon, with seasoning, the old man there with snacks. Eyes away from snacks, looked up at the hand in the wind, feeling will be blown away at any time, bony.. However, the old man's eyes are very serious. he treats these snacks like his own children. he is very careful, afraid of spilling and cold. although there are not many people, in terms of his speed, there are a lot of people and he needs a little help..

   Turn your eyes. Similarly, a white-haired grandmother is also making thugs in the cold wind. Grandpa said later, cover the pot and it is cold. Bring me the seasoning. Bring me the paper . in short, endless arrangements and words. The grandmother occasionally said, "Do you do your own thing?"! ""I know, ""I can see, ""I'm firing, ""I'm busy, ""wait a minute, ""oh, "nothing" and so on, all of which sound like complaints, but the old man, like he didn't hear them, said simply, as if immersed in his own world, so did the old woman, but their cooperation was flawless. sometimes it felt that they were looking for a sense of presence. when we bought things, we usually did not talk with them and went away after buying them.. And their dialogue may be a kind of dependence and a feeling of shyness, not to say that people become more like children as they get older? Do you need company more?? Do you need company more?? Is that right! In spite of such cold weather in inside, they are caring for each other, supporting each other and talking to each other. Although they do not earn much each time, it soothes their hearts and brings them into the distance and time they get along with each other.. But also more understand cherish.

   When they left and looked back from a distance, they were still busy working. inside's words were still urgent and noisy, but they didn't care about each other because they had each other in their hearts..

   I will remember what you said and your voice, because I have always had your voice in inside for most of my life, and I do not expect to be with you in the next life, but I just want to spend my life with you and cherish every day..





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