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   The Tanabata Festival makes me miss you infinitely, anchoring my heart in the bay where colorful clouds rise, and secretly carving happiness into your heart. With a thread of love, you and I are tightly bound to the end of the years! Dear, Happy Tanabata!

  天狮娱乐 Today is Tanabata Valentine's Day, remember to consolidate old lovers, develop new lovers, protect My Girl, guard against insiders, wish old lovers not old, new lovers not to run away, many in My Girl, insiders not to disturb, and wish Valentine's Day happiness..

   Tanabata lovers continue to be sweet, lovers do not lose heart, have a goal to redouble their efforts, no goal to continue looking for, want to romantic candlelight dinner, want to really meet next month. Yuelao sent you a low-key message and kept it confidential.!

   Even if it is too far away, I will not give up lightly. Even if it is not justified, I will stick to it. I will use my actions to prove the truth of love to the world. I will not fear any resistance. Even if it turns into a star, I will use my light to light up every heart .

   Niulang who went to magpie bridge is now unwilling to say "I love you" to Zhinv, because monotonous repetition can no longer explain his share of Fiebre de amor!

   God's greatest gift to me is to let me have you and your love.! On this Tanabata night, I wish Love Be Forever never separation.!!!

   She asked me one day on Tanabata: Who did you give your first kiss to? I was a little embarrassed and said: Although I have kissed other girls, please rest assured that my first kiss was still kept.! All given to others are second and third places..

   There may still be love in this world, just as experts are still investigating whether there are aliens after the number of Tanabata has passed..

   Lovers are helpless, being loved is a gesture, waiting for love is an expectation, and no love is an ability.. But I still want to fall in love with you, happy Tanabata!

   Love is hot, freeze it with ice; When love is cold, surround it with a stove. Thirsty, soak it in water. The love that is carefully cared for will be fresh as before when it is brought to you on the 7th of July.!





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