A drizzle, so bleak, wet whose heart

时间: 作者:凉情伤心

   The spring rain was cold and Leng Xiang came. This is a season of continuous rain and silk, and this season is especially suitable for telling the truth.. I am sentimentally attached to the rain and moist clouds and warm temperatures. I hate the wind for blowing away the clouds..

   Thank you for the flowers, read cold. What can I do? A wisp of acacia is bitter and heartbroken, the rainy season in Jiexi County is full of fine grass and smoke, rain and wind are sudden, tears are asking for flowers, LuanHong flies by, a curtain of rain rolls up gloomy mood myriad, a rain is too shy, it is better than your shallow smile, it makes my calm heart make ripples of missing, listen to the rain is always red and silent, the heart is about, far away you, can you know my mood when I was in listen to the rain??

   I always want to indulge my mood in the rain, and let listen to the rain's mood drink the thoughts that will never fade. I can't leave it alone and make an appointment forever. Perhaps, this is the shattering of the rain. People in heaven and listen to the rain can't taste the sadness of the rain. Through the rain curtain, I seem to see you coming towards me with lightsome steps. My thoughts float far away through the rain curtain. At one time I thought that as long as I love each other, I would be together. Now, the scenes tell me that youth is a sin and a helpless sin..

   Some people say that the fleeting time is too chaotic to withstand the wind, rain and promises. I say that the memory is too mottled, let the wind blow and Rainman fight. Those promises are still there. The promises made by each other will shine brightly at the instant of the fireworks. The fragments of the fireworks are still there. Looking at the fragmentary fragments will make us remember the beauty of the fireworks. I fear that after the fragments are trampled by passers-by, they will be deeply buried in the dust of inside. Will anyone not remember Caetuna, who was blurred by the fireworks at that moment, the fleeting time and the dream come back?. Watching the fireworks burst into full moon, the wonderful scene also emerged one by one in front of us..

   I vaguely remember that night, when it rained in the sky, we were standing on the balcony. The rain rustled on the ground. You leaned against my shoulder and cried softly. Just like the rain, it rained for us. Rain and Tears was interwoven and couldn't see clearly. Tears fell on your cheeks. My heart was wet. I couldn't breathe in pain. Looking at you, there was nothing I could do. I could only use my broad shoulders to make you feel the warmth of love..

   That day, I sent you back, the noise sank into the water of the city, everything flowed away, only the swirling rain, the sky was drizzling at that time, although the rain was not big, but we longed for the rain to be bigger, let us run in the heavy rain, let all the helplessness flow at our feet. unfortunately, we thought the bigger the rain, the smaller it was, which was contrary to our wishes. the parting doomed us to contact each other only by missing. that shallow smile, that charming figure, that happy laughter, I really wanted to see it, really wanted to think again.

   At this time, the rain is still falling, I looked at 天狮娱乐 the rain, staring at the sky, turned out to be so sad, a sound of graupel Snowbird plaintive wail, obliquely swept away from the sky, I saw your face emerge in the rain silver curtain inside, heavy rain drenched your hair, so I smiled, because I saw you, happy like a Momma's Man.

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