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   Article 3: Please allow me to love you quietly

   You are a serenade by Fermentation starter, and I am only a low side play. You are a bright and lively stream, I am just a pebble on the bank with worries. You are a rose in full bloom in the moonlight, covered with silver and pure radiance. I am just a green leaf stained with soil..

   I am not far from you, gazing at you with deep love, and dare not disturb your rosy dream.. My beautiful angel, when your beautiful image is projected on my side occasionally like a cloud, when your clear and crisp laughter like a wind chime blows like the morning breeze with the fragrance of roses, do you know what kind of happiness and touching overflows my heart and chest? I look out at your window sill in the veiled morning light of inside and wish to rise with the first ray of golden sunshine. I stayed by the quiet lake in the dark night, remembering your reflection in the daytime alone..

   I have decided that your shocking smile is the most beautiful banner of inside in my life.. You enthusiastically call me your most trusted friend. Most trusted friend! You know, how willing I am to accept this identity. Yes, your friend, can be honored to share part of your brilliant life, is there any more reason to be proud than this However, in addition to friendship in the general sense, please let me keep the purest and noblest love for you, free from any impurities and other extravagant hopes. please allow me to hold your hand gently and look at you tenderly with affectionate eyes-even if this is beyond the common etiquette-please forgive me for all my presumptuous acts, because I love you.

   I would like to be your most loyal knight, whenever you need me, as long as a call, I will not hesitate to stand up.. I will defend your honor to the death, even if it costs me blood.!

   Love is to make the person you love happy.. However, I have no ability to give you the kind of happiness I want to give you, so I can't let you rely on it. You should look for a more solid and generous shoulder.. Of course, he must treat you better than me, at least, he should love you as deeply as I do.. In any case, this cannot stop me from loving you.. Because there are many kinds of love in the world, love does not necessarily need to have you, watching is also a kind of love.. I believe that when we deeply love a person, regardless of the form 天狮娱乐注册 of love, their essence is the same.. I stood not far from you, silently, sincerely and deeply watching you, and walked through this life..

   Perhaps There will be a day like that, when my love unfortunately becomes your burden, please be sure to tell me that I will leave quietly as well.. Because your happiness is the basis of my happiness, if only because of my existence and cause your pain, then for you, also for me, I must disappear from your life inside. I hope you can forget me completely, leaving no trace.. Would rather, would rather you forget and happy, don't want you to remember me and sorrow. There is no need for me to feel sad, even if I recall your smile at this moment in other places far away, I still can't help laughing happily..

   Love is a truly precious treasure of life in inside, a treasure that will always be too little and not too much.. I persist in keeping my supreme love for you because I understand that it is the most beautiful possession in my life.. For you, I have loved, hated, laughed and cried sincerely and regretlessly, and I have learned to give without reservation.. It is you who make me feel the most perfect in my life and let me have an experience worth caring for in this world full of profit. What else do I need?

   Perhaps, in this life inside doomed me to be only a common person, but I knew clearly that a girl named YU had at least loved for an ordinary but warm heart, so I decided that she was happy.. I believe it is the same for you. If you know that there is a sincere heart beating for you all the time in an unknown place, won't you be moved

   Ok, please allow me to love you quietly, that's enough. Let this less and less sincere earthly world still float with such a moving legend: a beautiful and unsurpassed figure passed by inside in the halo of happy love, and a pair of affectionate eyes followed her silently from a distance, sharing the rest of my life .

   Please allow me to love you quietly, okay?

   Article 4: Because of love, I wait

   Do you know

   I can calmly face my past, because I have you this spring, so now I no longer feel lonely, because my heart is worried, because I miss you, also not lonely, because you make me feel the charm of love. Do you believe it I will gladly wait for the flowers of love to bloom forever. I will give everything for my love not to become a phantom, because I hope that I can use time to verify my last feeling.. Although I know that the colorful songs are still the lyrics of sunshine and the forget-me-not flower is still crystal clear, I still vaguely see that my happiness is eagerly waving to me on the other side.. I used to be a adrift ship, without anchor or sail, without a goal to wander around, I thought; It doesn't matter to me to stop there, but I really didn't expect to run aground in your eyes, inside.. From then on, maybe I have a long life, because I have your company, and I no longer feel tired. I think you will always be touched by me, because I believe that you will be like the sparkling dipper in the night sky of inside, illuminating my life forever.. I think: give all my days to you, give my longing and longing struggling in my heart to you, and even give my life together with my hard work and harvest to you.! But will you accept it?

   Because I still know, what you need most now is to learn to forget, let you learn to forget the cruelty of competition, so that you can start a new round of struggle. Let you learn to forget the song of lovers parting, then you can miss those Beautiful Life. However, learning to forget is not to turn all the past into memories, because we only have to wade through the river of time, which is our latest choice. We should remember a sincere encouragement when we are in difficulties. Remember those helping hands when you are down and out; We must bear in mind the concern of sharing weal and woe with others through thick and thin.. Because our life is like a tree, forgetting is like the redundant crotch of a tree on the tree. We need to trim it at any time and reflect on ourselves at any time. Only in this way can our tree of life be more flourishing and stronger, can it stand the test of wind, frost, snow and rain, can it shade from the sun, can it be evergreen all the year round, can it become a towering tree, and can it stand erect in the majestic mountains of Steep in life. Because only in that way, we will not have too heavy a burden and too lonely a burden on our life journey, because only in that way can we sound the whistle of life, leave laughter and songs all the way, leave beautiful feelings one by one, and leave a series of solid footprints in life (meiwen.com. cn). But you know what? Because I can't see you now, so every day I can only look at the computer and type many words to tell my thoughts to you.

   Although I know that it may be too early for now, and although I know that Days of Waiting may be very helpless, I believe: I will definitely be in No sweat,no sweet., I will not give up no matter how long the road with you is, I believe I will finish with you, I am not afraid of how difficult the road with you will be, I believe I can overcome any more difficulties, even if the result you give me is just a blank, I will wait forever. I will look forward to the coming of the day when I can jump with you. I hope I can share every moment of my true love with you no matter how sad or happy the future day is.. I don't know why, just can't control their emotions, I hope you don't say I bothersome. Because: there is a feeling telling me that she has entered my eyes in my heart. I always think of you as a colorful girl. your smile will remind me of the rainbow after the rain. you will make me feel the bright and beautiful sunshine and the colorful colors, because that is the dream I had dreamed most, because perhaps that is the most tender part of my dream.. So: I don't want to give up on this. I have accumulated so many real and hot feelings from the bottom of my heart. Therefore, I hope I can wait with my sincere heart. I hope I can impress God with my sincerity, let him pity me and let him give you to me. Maybe I have spoken too many repeated words. I am afraid that it will become the most difficult prediction to realize. Therefore, my love for you can only wait for the day when I meet you and then fall in love with you through silent expressions.! (责任编辑:admin)




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