Don't go away when you meet him.

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   In the morning, when we open our eyes, we will meet the first ray of dawn, parents who get up early and are greedy for darkness, children who are anxious to go to school early, and all the people and things that you can meet in the world that attract your attention.. Yes, it is this kind of meeting that enables us to connect with the world, get along well with others, talk and communicate with everything..

   However, not all "encounters" are intended, happy and satisfied by you..

   My father told me a story about a doctor who went to apply for a job in be fully contented.. When he walked into the examination hall in a suit and tie and elegant manner, there 天狮娱乐注册 was a broom at the door.. He paused, crossed the broom and walked to the examination table with his name on it.. At this time, a middle-aged elderly man dressed simply and experienced the world came up to the judges and whispered a few words.. The judge approached the candidate and said: "young man, I'm sorry, the boss of the recruitment unit said: our enterprise does not need a person who doesn't care about the needs of others, even if his other conditions are better.". You forgot to pick up the broom just now, it was specially put there by the boss.. That is a ticket.. Then please find another job. "the determined doctor had to blushing away.

   This story is deeply imprinted in my memory, inside. A trivial matter and a small detail can ruin one's future and change one's destiny.. This story tells me that I can't just pretend to be myself in my eyes, but always think about others.. When you care about others, you may change your behavior, shape your own different personality and bring different results to yourself.. Just like that doctor, if he meets a broom, lifts it up by the way, puts it in a corner of the room, and enters the hall like a gentleman, then his future may be different..

   Therefore, I am also changing myself: when I enter the house and see my shoes misplaced, I will put them in order in time. When I met pieces of paper falling on the ground, I picked them up in time and put them into the dustbin, inside. When I saw an iron nail on the road, I picked it up to avoid hurting other people's feet or wheels. When I saw that the water pipe was leaking, I tightened it in time . in short, whenever I met any phenomenon that did not conform to my own moral and aesthetic standards, I would correct it.. In this way, the house is always kept clean, it is also popular to get along with others, and your heart is full of sunshine and warmth..

   There are also other situations:

   When I see a friend whom I have not seen for many years, my first reaction is of course surprise.. But then the idea of "forget it, admit the trouble" may pop up.. How to decide at this time? Is it to pretend not to know, bow their heads and walk away, or is it a natural, head-on handshake to have a reunion of friends?? Of course I choose the latter. Because this is a positive behavior, is a kind of choice from the heart, will bring unexpected harvest, satisfy the desire of the heart.

   What should you do when you meet your former lover?? Is it to turn away or head on? , of course, is to smile crustily skin of head to meet the burning grilled asked eyes. Even if the heart brew storms on rivers and seas, but the surface must be calm like water. This shows that I can face the past directly in La Vida Por Delante. Even if I am nervous and uncomfortable for a moment, what I get is a long-term peace of mind and a good aftertaste..

   What should you do when you meet someone who has failed you?? Are you angry or calm? Of course, it is very difficult for people who are not strong in heart to choose revenge for good.. But when will resentment be reported?? When you treat each other with kindness, the other party may feel more ashamed and self-reproached and review their own behavior. When you glare at each other, they will think that you are being stupid and "even" instead they will be complacent and feel at ease.. At that time, I got nothing but sulking.. An American journalist was kidnapped by bandits while visiting Yemen. He suffered abuse and torture and gave birth to children for the bandits.. When she was redeemed, she could not restrain her hatred and indignation, so that only by choosing to forgive the kidnappers could she calm down her emotions.. So she went back to her place of suffering and continued to interview and relieve those who hurt her..

   Meeting is a chance. A person wants to render meritorious service, but he has no chance to render meritorious service. He has to wait and act.. A schoolmate of that year may not meet him all his life.. How precious and rare it is to meet occasionally, and how regretful it would be to let it go.. Meeting is a kind of happiness.. In a clink, you will meet a customer; When you help a lost child once, you will become a benefactor. A casual encouragement, you will achieve a person's success.

   Of course, we will encounter embarrassment and awkwardness.. At this time, you don't have to worry, treat calmly, get along with each other in a friendly way, treat it with tolerance, smile, skillfully deal with it, calmly respond, be magnanimous, live tactfully, have a wide world and no haze in the world..

   Since we can meet, then don't walk away, walk head on, face everything, put aside all distractions, set up an honest gentleman image, illuminate others and polish yourself.





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