The Story of Swimming in Childhood

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   In summer, the sun is scorching the city, waves of heat waves hit, and people are already sweating like a pig.. At this time, if you come to an old popsicle to chew or jump into the river for a few laps, it is very carefree..

   Now the home has air conditioning, even if it is hot outside, it's not a big deal to get out of the house.. But when I was a child, there was no air conditioner in the countryside and I had to endure the heat.. In the summer when we were young, we liked to do two things best: one was to spend 50 cents to buy a bottle of Great Wall soda at the canteen; The second is to go swimming in the river..

   Today, instead of telling us the happy memories of our childhood left by the Great Wall soda, we will only tell the story of swimming in the river..

   My family belongs to the suburbs and there is no decent big river, so it is not easy to find a good swimming place..

   All kinds of "swimming pools". Two days ago, my colleague said that he took his child to the swimming pool to learn swimming. I really envy him.! The artificial reservoir at the north end of the village will be counted as the swimming pool of the next grade.. The reservoir is wide, deep and relatively clear.. Younger children can't swim and swim in shallower places on the shore. In fact, they can't be said to swim, but they can only be regarded as having fun.. The older ones have the courage to swim deeper.. We can play all kinds of games in the water.. Everyone stood in one place, took a deep breath, dived to the bottom and swam forward to see who swam far. Inside took a big round stone in his hand and hurled it into the distance. The stone fell to the bottom of the water. Everyone swam to that place to see who would touch the stone first. Pushing the spray with the palm of your hand, the gradually rising spray blinded the opposite partner until he was blinded.. The most difficult thing is diving.. Some jumped from a height of two or three meters. There are somersaults and somersaults. On that occasion, they even jumped into the water with people and cars on their bicycles.. I only watched it nearby. My water quality is not so good. I think it must be very exciting. The medium-sized swimming pool is a fishpond hiding in the farmlands of inside.. That kind of fish pond is very simple, just dig a big rectangular puddle on the ground.. The water is not very deep, and the deepest part goes to the middle of the neck.. Because it is stagnant water and dug in the ground, the water quality is not good. Generally, it is yellow and cannot be seen through.. The inferior swimming pool could hardly bear to look directly at it.. A road near the brick factory was rolled out with a deep rut mark due to frequent passage of tractors, which just passed the thigh.. One day 天狮娱乐注册 after the rain, we went there and swam there happily for a while.!

   One year there was a drought and the reservoir inside ran out of water.. It is very difficult to find a place to swim.. Every time we hear where there is a place to swim, we are very happy.. I like to hear the phrase "another place to take a bath.". There is really no place. The lower swimming pool is also the place where we play. There is a taste of being hungry..

   Swimming is always a secret affair.. Parents are against us children swimming in those places. It is too dangerous.. Sometimes when everyone is having fun in the water, parents who don't know who will come and call us home with shouts and curses.. The child can't go home without a fat beating.. However, it will come out again next time.. Nothing can stop us from getting close to water.. On one occasion, we went swimming again and did not care much about it as usual.. But the next day, the teacher called us one by one to the office and asked us one by one.. When it was my turn, the teacher asked, "Did you swim yesterday?"? "Of course I can't admit it. I lowered my head and said," No.. "The teacher said angrily," Lie again! "The teacher pointed to the mud on my ear and said," What is this? Still dare to say didn't take a shower! "

   Children nowadays play with too many things to go wild like us.. Swimming can go to the swimming pool, watching movies can go to the cinema.. The times are advancing, accompanied by changes in lifestyle.. An era has a memory of an era..

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