Men 30, Life Wisdom for You

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   A man who pays close attention to the night games in entertainment bars all day, you don't expect him to achieve anything, a man who plays mahjong all day, a man who plays mobile phones all day to pass the time, you don't expect him to achieve anything either..

   First, have confidence and poise

   When men reach their thirties, they will begin to learn to manage themselves with their heart, which is reflected in their thoughts and self-restraint.. Confidence is a man's most important quality.. A confident man can always infect others, whether they are friends or enemies.. If you want others to have confidence in you, you must first have confidence in yourself.. A confident man can overcome all difficulties.. A man with poise is like a sea, not rejecting every drop, but also containing rivers.. Having poise enables men to get more favor. It is not hard to see the world before one's eyes, and to give others endless benefits.. As the saying goes, "a prime minister can support a boat in his belly." a man with a heart like the sea does not know how many boats he can support in his belly.! Elegance makes men look natural and unrestrained.

   Second, make friends with thoughtful people

   After a man reaches his thirties, he will begin to choose his friends purposefully.. Social connections are very important, and your circle of friends will have a great influence on your life.. Men should make more friends, make more a friend who will give forthright admonition and not make bad friends.. The so-called a friend who will give forthright admonition is those friends who are helpful to you, and these people are often very good themselves.. Making more friends with a friend who will give forthright admonition is very beneficial to one's life and work.. But the real a friend who will give forthright admonition is not easy to make 宏海平台注册 friends, because this kind of friends need you to pay great sincerity, sincere from the heart.

   A thoughtful friend, he knows very well whether you regard him as a friend.. If you are only using him, he will not treat you as a friend in his heart.. Making friends sometimes has no purpose. You just think this person is very thoughtful and worthy of your fellowship.. However, it is often these thoughtful friends who extend their hands to you when you are in the most difficult situation.. Friends are one of the most important elements in a man's life.. If a man wants to live like a real man, he must make more friends and make more friends..

   Third, learn patience and tolerance

   When men reach their thirties, they must learn patience and tolerance.. There are many things in society that you cannot accept, but when you have to accept these things, it requires your patience.. Patience with others is in fact tolerance of others, a man who can tolerate others will appear very magnanimous.. A successful man is often a man who can endure humiliation.. Can endure No Love for Johnnie never unwilling to be lonely, men's patience is to better burst out. To those who say we are fools, say "I am a fool" and make them feel at a loss! Don't argue with those who accuse us for no reason, because this will only make you angry.. It is better to forgive others than to hurt them. Tolerance is the best panacea for the wounds of others..

   Four, maintain a good state of mind, pay attention to their own bodies

   When a man is in his thirties, he must learn to adjust his mind and attach importance to his body.. The body is the capital of revolution, and the mentality is currency detector.. If a man wants to acquire more wealth, he must have a strong physique. If he wants to be the richest man for a long time, he must have a positive and optimistic attitude.. Attention to diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep are the guarantee of a healthy body.. Don't be Worry about personal gains and losses, work hard and let your mind decide everything..

   You don't have to run in the morning every day. In fact, it won't take you long. All you need is perseverance and perseverance.. But you must exercise your body often. Walking is a good choice. Doing so will make you full of strength.. You can fail, but you must always keep a winning mentality. If you defeat yourself, you will have no enemies..

   5. Keep your smile all the time and make courtesy your business card.

   When a man is in his 30s, keep your smile all the time.. Smiling face shows that you are a kind person and all people are willing to deal with kind people.. Don't write depression on your face, it will only keep others away from you.. What kind of person you are, others will judge by whether you greet him with a smile or not.. This kind of judgment plays a very important role in your impression on others..

   People often say "Success depends on details.", and this detail is often reflected in whether you are a polite person or not..Polite people know how to care about others.. People will also give you the chance to succeed because of your courtesy and concern.. A man's business card is a smile and courtesy. It is a pass for a man to achieve his career.. (American)

   Six, love and career

   After a man reaches his thirties, people often say that if a man chooses love, he will lose his career; if he chooses career, he will not get love.. In fact, the sweeter the love, the more successful the career. But you have to be able to control it.. In fact, love and career are two different things. It is best to spend all of your energy on career management while you are young, and then go to Choose Love according to the current level after achieving basic success in your career. A man who is nourished by love must be more mature, attractive and determined to do a career than a man who does not know the taste of What Is Love..

   Men in their 30s should never believe what those radical people say.. As people often say, "marriage is the grave of love," this statement is too extreme.. The only difference between A Breezy Love Story and China is that there are more "firewood, rice, oil and salt". It can be said that marriage is a complete love, and the previous love is only in a stage of love.. Only through marriage can men and women thoroughly understand what love is.. Marriage is mutual understanding, encouragement and support. Help each other in life and in career so that families and careers can have a good harvest..

   Seven, must strive to do better than women

   When men reach their thirties, they must strive to do better than women in everything.. Even when it comes to things that cannot be done better than women, we should try our best to do as well as women.. This is not to say that men are inherently better than women, but to say that men are inherently better than women.. Because as long as women work hard, it is easy to surpass men, so men should know that it is natural to work harder than women.. In today's society, the status of women is getting higher and higher. For the first time, women have the right to choose men.. So if you, as a man, cannot do better than a woman, then why should a woman choose you?? Women often say that "women can hold up half of the sky", and women nowadays do better than men in some fields that belong to men in inside.. Therefore, men should not only do very well in their own field, inside, but also do as well in their own field, inside.

   Eight, efforts to help his wife realize her dream

   When a man is in his 30s, if you are married, please do your best to help his wife realize her dream.. People often say that "men conquer Femmes, femmes by conquering the world and conquer the world by conquering men". Therefore, a woman who has conquered you must make great efforts to help her conquer the world.. A woman's dream will never disappear because she lives with a man. It will only become stronger because of this.. This strong wish and dream of a woman may not appear in front of you, but your heart must understand. (责任编辑:admin)




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