I am a quiet person.

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   I like to watch the blue sky quietly, like to tread lightly and walk in spring, summer, autumn and winter..

   I like the noise during the day, also like the peace at night, like the warmth in winter in inside, the coolness in summer in inside, and also like to bathe in sunshine and accompany the moon..

   Like mountains and rivers, like rivers, like birds, like geese.

   Like the stars in the sky, like fertile soil, like bouts of flowers, like pieces of fallen leaves.

   I like wind, rain, sycamore covered with snowflakes, fresh air and rainbow after rain..

   I like noodles, steamed bread, black tea and green tea..

   I like to listen to sad, lyrical, sad and happy songs, clutch.

   I like touching, listening, thinking and smiling..

   I like tea, smoldering, afternoon sunset scenery and life on the table..

   I like aunt yang's pig shed and Li dajie's sheep pen. I like to listen to the old man sitting at the head of the village, talking about family life, the past, whose children and whose worries.

   I like calm, natural, serene and happy.

   Like quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet

   I like simple words, paper by paper, lyric by lyric and melancholy by trace..

   Like gently, slowly, swing in your ear, say a word, offer a kiss, wisp of hair, smell the fragrance.

   I like windows,

   Like to close the door and open the door, like layers of stairs, one by one footprints .

   One by one inscriptions

   Farewell to a light rain, I came to the road alone.. Through a small river, the beautiful blue water attracted my eyes.. Look at the fluctuating water, see the swimming life, quietly bathed in sunshine, gently listen to the sound of water. Looking at the busy figure of passers-by, looking at the difference that the wind blows, then looking back at the reflection of oneself on the water surface, just like this lake, this small fish seems to have their life.. I envy this kind of life, like this quiet. No matter how noisy the outside world is, they have their own lives. They don't need to care about any direction. They are swinging their tails around the river to their heart's content. It seems simple but hard to catch. How many people in inside can enjoy this quiet in these busy years

   Quietness is an attitude, an inner interpretation, a relaxed state of mind, a psychosomatic enjoyment, a strange beauty .

   I like to lie still in bed with my feet off the ground, breathe a long breath deeply, look at the ceiling, then close my eyes and look at the stars closely under my eyes, then meditate, slowly open my eyes and sit up, pick up a pen and write a feeling of gratitude..

   I think it's my personality that makes me a little quiet. I am a little bit both inside and outside, but I am not good at words, like to laugh, not good at strength, not good at fighting, dare not say silly and honest, but I am a kind person.. From my parents' teaching, I remember that my parents were all part-time farmers, maybe they were nurtured by their families, or this is the case. An ordinary person, a person who likes quiet, will laugh when he meets someone he doesn't understand, and just nod and smile when he meets someone he doesn't know. However, I have a little humor and occasionally have a lively scene .

   Faced with life, I seem to be very monotonous. The busy pace of life will not change much.. Today's road still has the tread marks I ran over yesterday. I am used to a kind of work, a kind of life, a kind of way, a kind of habit and an adaptation.. Sometimes I feel bored and sometimes I go out for a walk to see the wind and the scenery.. But walking, you will find that habit is also a kind of quiet beauty, a rare kind of quiet beauty.. When you look up and admire others, you will find others are admiring you with the same eyes .

   Some people say that I am a person who likes to suffer losses, but I don't think so.. I have heard a saying: "to lose is a blessing; to give up is to gain.". It just depends on which one you care about. It's not bad to have a loss.. I often watch the news. inside plays some sad pictures. Some people don't even have food to eat. What reason do we have to complain about others and life Although there are too many disappointments in life, we can still choose to smile and try our best to do it, but don't be too stressed, remember "no one is perfect, Gold can not be pure" and don't blame anything.. Just as you treat a person well, he will smile at you.. The same is true of life. If you love life, life will love you.. If you complain about life, life will complain about you..

   Life cannot be separated from a mouth. Only by chewing quietly can one taste life, be it beautiful, sweet, light or salty.

   If you get over it, the road will be wider. If you let it go, your heart will be quieter. Only when you understand life can you know yourself and life correctly.. Life is all human, the heart is still and the body is light .

   Having family's company in Think about life is always warm, a kinship, flesh and blood, a love, moving silently, a friendship, and enjoying it all one's life.. What else do we need with them? People should learn to cherish, life may only run in a second, we who also can't predict, or who also can't change anything, only cherish and gratitude, it's really good to have you all the way..

   Perhaps young people like me seem to have less fighting spirit.. 宏海国际登录 However, everyone has different life concepts, or different experiences, different feelings, and has his own direction and a beautiful expectation.. However, all I need in my life is warmth, a smiling face, a quiet mood and a comfortable life..I think the world is very big and the future is very far away. The only thing I can do is to cherish my side, warm my side, face life with a smile and quietly welcome every day in my life..

   I am a simple and quiet life, a quiet soul, a quiet person .

   When the lamp runs out of the last drop of oil, the dream with the fleeting time will be buried in the wind, and the earth will be covered with gold and scattered with floating life all the way to autumn .

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