Five Ways to Teach You to Call a Girl Who Has a Secret Love

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   1. Make a joke

   If you are humorous and humorous and have a natural sense of humor, you can consider joking with him (her), "if I have your phone, I can share my wit with you more easily" and then laughing and staring at him (her). This method will definitely get the number of the other party without fail, because no one can resist the smile and gaze..

   2. Ask his (her) friend

   If his (her) friend is also your friend, that's great. You can easily get his (her) number without talking to him (her). This is the easiest way to get his (her) number, but when you send a message or call him (her), the other party may not know who you are, so be prepared psychologically.!

   3. Ask him (her) if he or she has a telephone

   Everyone is very smart. Ask him (her) if he (she) has a telephone, and he (she) will soon realize that you meant his (her) telephone number..

   4, said you should talk more.

   At the time of parting, I said you should talk more. All of these are indications that you want to continue.. If the other person really cares about you, he or she will be very frank and happy to give you his or her number..

   5. Make a plan

   Use your head casually to see if you can make a plan or an agreement and easily keep his or her number. The reason is that you can find him or her in time in case the plan or agreement changes..

   Through the above five methods, (Meiwen. COM. Cn) small editor to ensure that you can smoothly to unrequited love girl's phone number. 宏海国际 Boys who have a crush on someone, try it quickly..





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