Da Vinci's Fable: Poplar and Grapevine

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   Da Vinci's Fable: Poplar and Grapevine

   A poplar tree, like all poplar trees, grows very fast.. Poplar sprouts are growing day by day at a speed that no other tree can match..

   However, this tree is very sad because it is too lonely..

   "If only someone would accompany me! "Poplar said to himself," grapevine and I can get married? "

   "Nonsense! "A companion of poplar said," we poplar was born to grow, to exceed other 宏海平台 trees. What are you doing to get grapevines to your side?? "

   "Without her, what would I do? "Poplar defended himself.

   It held the wedding regardless of everything.. Poplar and grapevine are combined. To be exact, it is poplar that allows grapevine to climb up against its branches..

   The two of them have different endings..

   Grape vines produce many grapes.. Poplar bears no fruit at all.. One day, a farmer found a grapevine wrapped around the trunk of a poplar tree.. He was worried that the poplars would pull the vines out of the ground if they kept growing higher and higher.. To prevent it from growing, prune it.

   In this way, year after year, poplar branches were cut off by farmers.. Green poplar has become paralyzed and disabled, and can only support its lucky companion, grape vine..

   You should not choose people who have nothing in common with you as friends..

   The story of poplar in this fable is an example..





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