The praise of ghost stories on the internet.

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   On a whim, Tang Qiang opened an online store specializing in ghost coins.. At the beginning of the store, he boasted everywhere that his creativity must be the most valuable online business idea this year.. Because once this online store becomes large, it may replace most ghost money retailers and become a ghost money "O2O" trust..

   However, when it comes to actual operation, the business is very poor, because many people are taboo to send Mingbi to their homes.. In a few months, Tang Qiang has only done a few deals, and the customers are not willing to give favorable comments.. He is very helpless, ready to close the shop. However, the night before the store was closed, an order for 500 yuan suddenly came in-unfortunately, it was finally given a bad review..

   Tang Qiang communicates with customers and hopes he can change his evaluation.

   Tang Qiang: My dear, the quality of the goods is not bad, and the express delivery is also very powerful. How can I give bad comments??

   Customer: The quality is not bad? The things you sent cannot be used at all.!

   Tang Qiang: You didn't buy RMB. Tell me how to use it.?

   When this sentence was asked, the customer did not reply any more..

   A few days later, the customer came to place another order.. Tang Qiang bears a grudge because of the bad reviews before. He thought that the online store would close anyway. He was not afraid to offend you, so he sent a sheet piling ash directly to the store.. To his surprise, two days later, he was praised by five stars.

   Tang Qiang thought to himself: This must be because the customer refused to dispute with himself, and he gave a good comment, so he communicated with the customer apologetically..

   Tang Qiang: Dear, I'm sorry. If it brings you any inconvenience, I'll give you a refund. Anyway, my online store can't be opened any more..

   Customer: Not bad, very useful, I want more! About 50,000 yuan. I'll place the order and mail it as soon as possible-I 宏海国际注册 want it tonight, and I must hurry!

   After saying this, the customer really made another order, asking for a total of 50,000 yuan of goods.. Tang Qiang was overjoyed to see the order, but the customer said that he would take it tonight, which could not be delivered under any circumstances, so Tang Qiang responded quickly..

   Tang Qiang: Honey, if you want it tonight, express delivery is not available, otherwise I will deliver it to you.?

   Customer: Your express delivery is really bad.! You are in the north of the city. I will go directly to pick up the goods and wait..

   Tang Qiang sent the address. As a result, the customer arrived as soon as he had prepared the goods.. Tang Qiang Lights Up and Pours Tea, Warmly Entertains. However, when the customer saw the goods, he frowned and said, "This is not the same as what he sent me last time.". "

   Tang Qiang said: "Last time I was angry, you don't mind. "

   The customer said, "How can you do business like this?"? Ok, let's make do with it. I'll pack it myself.. "Say that finish, the customer threw cigarette butts on a pile of MingBi.

   The Mingbi in the room of inside suddenly burst into flames. The customer pocketed piles of paper ashes in the fire and said with a smile, "This is the same as the last one."! "

   Tang Qiang was burned to death. His goods and his house were also burned to the ground..

   By the time the firemen arrived, the fire had gone out.. In the corner of the study, inside's cell phone, which had not yet been completely burned down, gave a "ding dong" ring and a window with five stars' favorable comments popped up..





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