repay maternal love with one's gratitude

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   At six o'clock in the morning, still immersed in my sleep, I was suddenly woken up by a phone call. I picked up the phone in a daze. An anxious voice over there said, "Month, what's the matter? You didn't reply to the text message. Is there something wrong with your mobile phone?"? Recently, the weather changes are unstable. Take care of yourself and don't catch a cold . "Hearing these words, a feeling of guilt and emotion welled up in my heart.. This is my mother.

   Time flies, I have grown from a baby in Babbling to a big girl, while my mother is getting rickets.. I still remember when I was a child, I wore a flower skirt made by my mother to show off with my children. I remember the sweet smell of cakes made by my mother when I flew home from kindergarten after school. I remember the little clay figurine my mother and I made together in the handicraft class. I remember my mother smiling at me dancing with dandelions on the green hillside.. However, since when has everything changed? As one grows older, one has to go further and further away from home to study. At that time, it seems that one seldom sees one's mother.. Every time I go home, I see a slightly old face and uncontrollable joy.. And when she returned to school, she always tried to bring me more things, for fear that I would be hungry or frozen.. At that time. My classmates always tease me that you are taking so many things to travel.. In fact, I all know that it is my mother's concern for me for a month..

   Inside's mother worries that in a mother's cognitive world of inside, as long as the child leaves her side, it is like losing one of her spirits.. She can't stop a child's dream, she also knows to let the child fly freely, she knows everything, but she can only silently loathe to give up. Motherly love has always been like this. It does not lie in earth-shattering feats, but is deeply immersed in every thought, every exhortation and even every eye..

   The family life is very simple. In order to support the family, my father goes out to work all the year round, while my sister and I also stay away from home all the year round because of school.. The mother is the only one left in the family. Although my sister can go home to accompany her mother every month, this is not enough.. I can imagine how mothers live in inside when we are all away from home.. It was noon when I called home once.. Asked if my mother had eaten, she said, she made some casually and had eaten. she also told me to take good care of myself and eat more delicious food.. I know that my mother is the only one in the family at noon. She is a very thrifty person and always thinks she can make do with her meal alone.. In fact, even if a person is watching a large table of delicious food, there is no taste of eating.. Mother's time alone may have been used to it.. During the busy farming season, one person worked on the crops and reaped in the corn fields with more than one person. When I think about us, I read the text messages I sent over and over again, or I clumsily passed my thoughts word by word on mobile phone keypad.. I suddenly began to miss the clean boudoir cleaned by my mother and my furry bear baby. Miss a big pot of cooked Corn and sweet and sour pomegranate. In fact, what I miss most is my most beautiful mother in the world..

   Time is breathing pain, it exists in every corner all the time.. After dinner, I used a handful of wooden comb to carefully manage my mother's hair. I was startled to find that many new silver wires had been added to my ears.. Listen to grandma, mother was a beautiful girl, the most striking is a head of black and beautiful hair. I have also looked through my mother's wedding photos many times. A small 2-inch photo shows the mother with beautiful black hair leaning shyly on her father's shoulder and smiling shallowly.. Today's mother is as beautiful and generous as ever, but her youth is no longer gone.. Every day and night, every morning and evening, I unconsciously learn from my mother's bright years and grow up with bones rustling one by one.. Every child is made up of the flesh and blood of parents. Every bit of growth is shown in meticulous care.. Your childhood Every Frown And Every Smile was fixed in the gentle arms of your mother. Your Breathe, precipitation mother's most blurred dream. Unconsciously, it passed without pain day and night..

   I think every traveler who goes out remembers the song "Wandering Songs": The mother and makes clothes for the body of her wayward boy. Carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends, dreading the delays that will keep him late from home. Such kindness of warm sun, can't be repaid by grass..

   During Qingming Festival, my mother called and asked me if I would return home.. I couldn't go home to see her because of some things. In order to make up for my mother, I decided to buy a black shirt and mail it back to her.. I hope that every traveler who goes out will remember that all you have and all you can owe to your angel mother.. No matter how far you go, don't forget the way home, don't forget a mother waiting 宏海国际登录 quietly at the end of that road..





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