The July rain cooled my thoughts.

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   In the afternoon, it began to rain, one drop at the beginning, two drops to drop again, dropping frequently and pattering on the windowsill. A gust of wind came, and the disordered Drizzle lingering fresh breath fell on my eyebrows, instantly mind became wonderful and beautiful.. I heard that the news of the rush of time carried the thoughts of coloured glaze through the ferry crossing of the season. The beauty of the flowers seemed to bloom, but the most familiar figure still did not appear. As much as you miss, the days will be as beautiful as brocade, as much as you love, and as much as you have compassion..

   When it is clear, cool and quiet, one counts the countless raindrops lightly. Little by little, the glittering and translucent drops fall to the ground, making splash after splash. The beauty of the petals cannot be seen clearly, but it is blooming with love, like the sprite playing and frolicking in wet rainy days in inside.. There is always a moment when I will smile and face everything in front of me, see the beauty of the clouds and the wind, and read the carefree plot of the story in an aesthetic text.. From the beginning to the end, I have been thinking and thinking about it. I often sleep in the dead of night with acacia, just to meet the person I love in my dream..

   July rain lingering and affectionate, provoked my thoughts provoked my heart that inch of melancholy. Leaning against the window where the wind passed, the fragrance of flowers from new and graceful floated in the distance. Suddenly, I remembered that crape myrtle tree was blooming enchanting flowers in this season. Its bright petals captured the eyes of many passers-by, but it would become a scenery that passed by many times.? Lagerstroemia indica flowers bloom and smell full of Times in the Summer. At this time, has this unstoppable heavy rain destroyed its femininity? Has the muddy water flowing after the rain reflected its desolation after falling down?? Well, perhaps, we are all imagining, how can a proud Xia Ziwei be easily swept away from its original charm by a storm?.

   Through the misty rain curtain, looking into the foggy sky, there is less blue than before.. I like blue very much, just like a watercolor painting. The whole piece of blue encircles me. In it, I build my own garden, plant the flowers I like, brew a pot of tranquil time when I am bored, drink half a cup of pure happiness, and leave half a cup of pure happiness. What a beautiful prime time it should be, and what I want is really simple all the time.. The lightness of the pen tip wanders along the gentle vein in Wen Nautical mile's thoughts. The thoughts that enter my heart are always filled with small words. How much persistent love has become the reason why inside is waiting for you this season..

   When you turn on the music, listen to the song you like. A gentle melody brings your whole body and mind into a relaxed atmosphere, inside.. Perhaps, living in such a colorful world of mortals, many times in the face of many things are helpless speechless. So, why not find a happy and free heart to swim in inside, The World of Silence, regardless of Regard des autres, Le, regardless of other people's understanding and ignorance, and always be the most real yourself, keeping the original truth in the prosperous world in silence with time.

   When the wind blows, the appreciation 宏海国际 falls red and grows stronger. Slowly taste the cup of wine given in life, whether bitter or sweet, smiling past is only common.. I can't afford to mention the hazy poetry of misty rain any more, but how much I miss you now, staring at the vast space between the sky and the earth, blocking their closeness.. Yes, close your eyes and think carefully that you are also very far away from me. Some thoughts entangled with no reason are entangled with me, and as much as you miss the entanglement, it will gradually engulf me.. Allow time, the heart slightly pain, tears wet eyes, stretch out my hand to want to hold with you, firmly grasp me to take me to the future every day.

   Catch up with the time, don't want to slow down the pace of getting closer and closer to love, count down the days, daub acacia became hurt. The rain in July has driven away the summer heat but cooled my thoughts. Whose shadow is depicted in the small print?? Zhang Ailing said: "Among thousands of people, meet the person you want to meet.". In thousands of years, with the boundlessness of time, inside, a wilderness, did not take an early step or a late step. When it met, it could only say softly: Oh, Here, Too? "

   Author: Lin Xuejing





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