Bless you forever

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   Friends are like pieces of jigsaw puzzle that combine to form a beautiful picture Full stop If one piece is missing, it will never be complete Full 宏海平台 stop You are the important piece I don't want to lose Full stop!

   Bless you forever: Full stop Full stop Full stop

   In the stormy streets, how long can the signboards hang, the old songs you loved, how many songs you can remember, and don't forget a friend like me Full stop! Bless you forever!

   A stray road sign: Full stop Full stop.

   Friends are antidotes to melancholy, guideposts for lost paths, advice for pain, smiles in frustration, hugs in tears, and support in trouble.!

   Let blessings and thoughts fill your heart:.

   Fold a curved paper boat, full of my blessings and thoughts, floating to your pillow by the moonlight like water, let the blessings and thoughts fill your heart.

   Our best wishes for tomorrow:.

   Past events, such as the fragrance of flowers in spring, the cool breeze in summer, the sweetness in early autumn and the warmth in winter, are our cherished memories and our blessings for tomorrow..

   Bless your friends:.

   It is comforting to have friends and colleagues, encouraging to have friends, encouraging to have friends and advice, encouraging to have friends and missing to be happy.. Bless your friend.!

   You made me not afraid of the wind and rain.

   You are a lighthouse, a signpost, guiding me forward. You are the horn and drum, inspiring me to work hard.. It is because of you that I am not afraid of wind and rain..

   The best of friends:.

   The best quality of friends is like good tea, light but not astringent, fragrant but not tangy, floating slowly and refreshing in spirit.. Life is like drinking tea. It is light and good.! Friend.

   I bless you from afar:.

   Let time send my thoughts, let the wind take my care, let me bless you from afar, and hope you will be happy every day and forever.!






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