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   1. As time goes by, the air has also aged. We are walking towards forgetting each other step by step..

   2, forget a person, is not no longer think of, but occasionally think of. There will be no more waves in my heart..

   3. The history of Life on a Thread and the world is written by the same hand..

   4, overestimate own ability is me, have self-knowledge or me.

   5. I will not allow anyone I care about to leave me for any reason and in any form..

   6, enter the space n+1 times a day, waiting for only one related to you (1)

   7, terrible is not crying, but crying.

   8. Even if thousands of people say you are not good, you are my proudest existence..

   9, so don't see me in the eye, you just rely on me like you.

   10. I am not a person who is good at persistence, but the only way for me to go down is to go to your world..

   It is absurd to meet the wrong person at the wrong time..

   12. Missing doesn't need results. It only proves that there was someone in my heart..

   13. The emach left by the pupil has become a tattoo of time..

   14. You don't know 宏海平台注册 how miserable the person who loves you is when he thinks about you. .

   15. The most tacit thing we did was that I left and you didn't love me anymore..

   16. You don't know how painful it is to miss you every day.

   17, we didn't even say a goodbye, we don't contact each other.

   18, closed the door to love others, love you alone, but you hold others in your arms.

   19. I want to give you all my love, but I have neglected that what you need is not me..

   20. I tried to calm myself down, but the tears did not obey me after all.

   21, don't say, you are very lonely, don't say, you still love me, why so refuse to let go at the beginning?

   22, the world is too big or meet you, the world is too small or lost you.

   23, love is not counting Les Jours Venus, it makes every day meaningful..

   24. When you get it, you destroy it; when you lose it, you regret it..

   25. In a world of love, inside has no losers. Losers are people who will not cherish them..

   26. The last thing I want to admit is that I have never really let you go.

   27. It turns out that this is only a Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex that I have spoken, directed and acted by myself.

   The subway is the direction you choose to leave, and the memory map is my belief when I got lost..

   29, there are many ways of love, hurt, possess, quarrel, spying, from the beginning I have chosen to view from afar.

   30. I'm just used to having you. I don't need you..

   31, like you, don't need a reason; Don't like you, anything can be a reason.

   32, only oneself a person is the best, only then nobody will hurt you..

   33. Some people are the wounds you will never forget. They are painful but must be remembered..

   34. The person who gives you the greatest happiness can also bring you great pain..

   35. Do you have a person who likes but will never go after him?

   36. Give time, let bygones be bygones, let's begin.

   37. Give me a time machine. I want to go back to the past and choose not to know people I shouldn't know.

   38, you personally destroyed everything. Sorry, there's nothing I can do about it..

   39, is such a simple sentence, ANIMA will be two originally close people separated from each other.

   40, sad is eating more snacks is useless.

   41. People always know how simple their Desire is when they are dying..

   Can you give me tangible comfort when I need it?

   43, like you, don't need a reason; Don't like you, anything can be a reason..

   44, some things can't be forced, such as love, such as trust

   45, blame yourself too young, is a man or a dog didn't see.





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