Loneliness _2

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   Loneliness, who can truly experience and understand?宏海国际登录

   Loneliness, Contusion of Life, Crying of Soul.

   Long lonely, sooner or later collapse,

   After the collapse, also no longer lonely.

   It doesn't matter if you are lonely, you can bear everything better..

   He will be lonely and tired by loneliness all the time..

   The world is empty when the heart is lonely.

   Destined to be alone, not alone..

   What is loneliness, is it sad beauty?

   Is it sad sad?

   No longer lonely, even if separated from everything,

   Still can't escape loneliness.

   Loneliness is neither innocent nor beautiful.

   Loneliness does not mean sadness.

   Loneliness is often said in the mouth,

   I keep it in my heart all the time.

   When you die, you are alone..

   Be kind to loneliness, the true nature of life..

   Hold on to loneliness, the only comfort.

   There are numerous and complicated things in the world, only loneliness makes people happy..

   The loneliness at night is weak and gloomy..

   The window lights, tired with injury.

   Waiting for the morning, enjoying the fragrance of loneliness.

   Waiting for a long time will never fade the color of life..

   Too long, loneliness has become a chronic disease of the soul.

   If you want to break through, with the help of the power of loneliness,

   Break through, struggle, break through, struggle.

   Repeatedly, this is lonely experience..

   Life is worn bright, and loneliness condenses into light..

   A period of loneliness is beautiful.

   The more miserable, the more beautiful.

   Nestled in a lonely arms,

   Worry flows quietly.

   Relieve old sadness.

   Loneliness, a Prescription for Life.

   Treat loneliness with loneliness.

   The lonely child will recover..





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