White collar women's office minefield

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   The following is Shirly's office minefield, which is also the office minefield for white-collar women:

   one. Wearing too sexy

   Shirly first fought for freedom of dress in his boss Wu, but his boss Wu's approval does not mean the acquiescence of his colleagues.. Usually the visual impression only needs to be formed in seven Seconds. Clothing and appearance are also a form of communication.. If a professional woman wears high-heeled shoes, forged shirts and miniskirts with heavy makeup on her feet, then she means sexual flirtation rather than professional communication.. Therefore, in order to achieve success at work, a woman's dress should conform to her status.. Suggestion: You don't have to discard the gentleness of women, but also don't dress too ostentatiously.. You can dress like someone higher than your profession.. For example, if you are a manager, you might as well dress like a manager..

   2. Too close to the boss

   Shirly's relationship with her boss Wu would be much safer if it were personal. However, in the office of inside, that kind of relationship goes beyond the relationship that should exist between the supervisor and the employee. This is Shirly's failure.. The boss is always the boss and your superior. Don't push your luck because the boss appreciates you and ignores the distance between you.. The boss may be able to defend you in general, but when things happen, you must be just a pawn under him.. Suggestion: Keep at least one meter away from the boss, respect him and obey him..

   3. Speak loudly

   Calling is a small matter, but it is related to your image.. Shirly often makes loud phone calls in the office and is very happy.. Suddenly raising the tone at the end of a sentence gives the impression that one is asking some questions to show one's disbelief in the matter.. Office inside must take into account the feelings of colleagues when making phone calls, and must not make too much noise.. Suggestion: You should try to lower the ending tone of your voice to make it sound more authoritative..

   4. In the last five minutes, control yourself

   It's almost time to get off work, but we can't relax. although it's the darkest 5 minutes before dawn, you must take good care of yourself when you get off work. you still need to settle down and make a proper summary of the day's work.. Suggestion: Organize the memo in the last 5 minutes.. The memo recorded a summary of the day's work, including the people met on the day, the newly obtained business card information, etc.. The content is mostly miscellaneous and unsystematic, so tidy it up before the end of the day's work. Check worksheet. The work items to be carried 宏海国际注册 out on that day shall be marked with the completed ones, and the unfinished ones shall also be clearly understood. Worksheet for Typing Day. After checking the worksheets of the day, then list the work items to be carried out the next day and draw up the worksheets. At this time, please refer to the memorandum to prevent omissions. Finally, tidy up your desk.. Before coming off work, you can really finish your day's work by tidying up your desk.. After doing these things well, you can go off work easily with gentle steps..





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