No one knows how much I love you

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   No one knows 宏海国际登录 how much I love you

   I can't use words to express, use words to describe, my life is how sad, decadent, and even failure. If you don't even know the reason, then no one will understand how bitter and lonely I have been all my life..

   For ten years, So Much So Fast has washed away the lead and impetuousness, so I feel that I like and care about less and less, and the things that can touch my heart are even less and less, but no matter how time refreshes, only you are the concern of my life.. What Is Love? Love is a simple care. Love doesn't necessarily require two people Night and Day to get married. It's not bad to have a good miss in the end of love. If you can't understand this helplessness.. Then no one knows how much I love you.

   For so many years, we may be able to come together in the future, but the reality is that the river that broke the bridge has blocked us, but we are not in a hurry to find the ferry. We cover up our tender heart with our self-esteem and reserve. This feeling is not only bitter, is it? Perhaps more helpless. If you don't even realize how painful it is to give up because of helplessness, then no one knows how much I love you..

   For so many years, we really should approach, because we have the same hobbies and pursuits, but we are like two big trees, neither approaching nor walking far, only gazing at each other and encouraging each other.. I have always been as lofty and calm as a cloud, and you are one of the few friends around me. Let's understand the real world, feel the most bitter wind, and accept the earliest morning dew. Therefore, I have always worked hard for you to rise above my knees.. Today, if even you can't understand my loneliness and hardships, then no one knows how much I love you..

   This year's tea also took Wie Licht Schmeckt with him to brew a cup. The color of tea is getting darker and darker. It is as beautiful as amber when photographed by the rising sun.. Holding a warm cup in his hand and slowly enjoying the aroma of tea, he took a sip and was unexpectedly bitter.. Is love like this?? It looks so sweet. If you have it, what kind of tossing and turning will it be?? Tea is bitter and easy to handle. Pouring it out and refilling it with fresh water will make the tea mellow and delicious. Can you miss it?? It is more precipitation more bitter ah! It's been ten years, I'm slowly learning to forget, but I can't do it. If you can't understand this, then no one knows how much I love you..

   Love is eternal because of time, time is lovely because of love, and I have been waiting for ten years because of you.. While waiting, I think that is eternity, that is forever.. There can be several decades in my life. I have devoted my most passionate and creative ten years to missing you, Non, je ne regrette rien, because you have made my beautiful sky more sad and you have made my life more natural. In this way, I have felt the variety of life instead. Even if it is bitter, if you cannot see these, then no one knows how much I love you..

   What is the most beautiful promise of love? Not that I want to give you happiness, but that we should be happy together.. In fact, happiness is also not found, only after silence, not looking for, happiness will naturally come. Reality makes me unable to promise you anything, but no matter where the world is, when and when, I just want to live to make us all happy, and we don't want those so-called love in Pursued any more. As long as we have the pure friendship like clouds and rain, it is enough, and we don't need to let everyone know, as long as you know how much I still love you..

   Distant you, let's treasure each other! We don't have to lament the sad and pitiful life any more.. In fact, this life, you, me, have been, experienced, is enough!





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