People must know how to bear hardships and dare to fight har

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   Talking about life, one has gain and loss in one's life. Personally, I think life is a process of continuous loss and recovery and recovery. Pushkin, a great German poet, wrote in his poem: "Everything is short, everything will disappear. Let the lost become lovely. "in fact, god is fair, closed a door for you, always open a window for you, this may be god's way to comfort you.

   People should not only stare at The Parts You Lose, but also consider what you got in the process of losing it.? It is difficult for a person to control his emotions between gain and loss. between gain and loss, it is just a prosperous and lonely scene. what is the matter? what is the big deal? the brave and strong face is. The richest person in the world is the one who makes the most efforts behind him. The strongest person is the one who gets up wherever he falls. The most successful person is the one who not only does not give up but also perseveres to the end every time he fails..

   "All things are born with each other, no lower is supreme, no lower is no higher, no bitter is no sweet. "For example, it doesn't matter who you were three years ago, who you were three months ago, or even who you were yesterday. What is important is that you can recognize yourself today and who you want to be tomorrow.. It is better to bear hardships early in life.. People will experience all kinds of difficulties and setbacks in their life. You are afraid of suffering and tiredness now, and you will regret it in the future.. On the road of life, you should learn to bear hardships. You only want to enjoy yourself and eat, drink and have fun now. The rest of your life will be poverty.. Poverty will crush your backbone, making you inferior and humble.. Why do the poor always complain that the rich get more than they do? Because the poor he not only economic poverty, but also let his own thoughts impoverished, he saw the rich on the surface of the money and power, but did not think of the rich was once a poor, in order to get what he now has, behind how many times the efforts, the sad who knows. For example, ten minutes on stage and ten years off stage, the result decides everything. who cares about what you have done in the past ten years, or "nobody asks in the cold window of ten years, and the world knows when you become famous". the same is true..

   "Only tired, be free; Only bitter, sweet. "taking advantage of his youth, he boldly went out to travel and experience, to experience the joys and sorrows brought to us by all things in time, to learn to grow, to learn to develop a strong, patient and intelligent heart, so as to become stronger. In this world, except yourself, no one can really replace you to bear hardships..

   I just want to say, "Gold can not be pure, no one is perfect.". "To live is to struggle hard. I remember a teacher in inside said," Your life has no draft. You must grasp the present and strive hard at the age of struggle. ". "I still remember this sentence until now. This 宏海国际 sentence inspired me greatly and accompanied me through several seasons..

   One must draw up goals for oneself in one's life, stick to one's goals and go all the way, there will always be unexpected gains. Goals are also a belief in one's life.. No matter poor or rich, no matter ordinary or great, as long as you find your own position, give yourself a clear position, well establish your own outlook on life and values, to struggle and forge ahead, dare to practice, dare to challenge, you will always break into a new world and achieve different life outcomes..

   Author: A drop of ink, Liang Xi





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