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   I went back to the home you gave me Full stop In fact, I was just the one with the key.. Looking at your photo coldly hanging in the middle of the hall, the study inside was still lonely when I was sad.. At this time, there is no beautiful music, flowing gently for my arrival.. We had to listen together like that, during that happy period of time.

   Our story has passed for many years, and I still linger at this end of time.. You have said many times that I should go first, and I have been cruel enough to say that you should go first. Today, I just remembered to ask: Since we are not willing to go, why are we estranged from each other?? Disregard to subversion, alienation to strangers.

   Loneliness is the pain you give, and the old house is unowned, only waiting for years to destroy it.. After dilapidated walls's burial, things are not human, only leaving a wisp of wound soul floating, a blue rags, infatuation into burial. Will all the chapters disappear by then?? No longer tangled, no longer remember inside tangled, this cannot explain the reason.

   As the seasons change, green vines are still climbing on the wall.. Once the laughter and joy, who wrapped a tender pen tightly around the climbing vine branches, singing softly in the cool breeze inside, poetic prosperity. Who trimmed the red makeup and green calyx, inside, Birthday In Chong Qing, with fragrant pulse at the bottom of his sleeve. The moonlight in that place has picked up many words of coloured glaze, which have been spoken by you on behalf of the fiddle, and have been framed by me, splash-ink painting, for the youth of vegetation..

   How many marriages did time fulfill and how many separations did it witness?. And how is gathering and dispersing a generation of predestined friends? How many The Unspoken did you leave behind? You cried and let go. However, the ending has already come to an end.. I can blurt it out when I put it down, but my heart depends on the sea or the fields. As long as you understand, why should I tell the time?.

   A cup of tea, drink alone. Thick and shallow, the unspeakable walk tea cool, because here can also warm the heart in memory of inside. As long as I walk in, there will be no dead corner of memory, and you will be intact in my world inside..

   I once said that I went to Lijiang together. Was it because it was an ancient town or because of my writing that I made my long-cherished wish and then just for the long-cherished wish?. What does time give us? On that day, I packed my luggage and went to Lijiang. I thought I would find out the meaning of happiness, but I only visited an ancient city and heard some earthy hearsay.. 宏海平台注册 Grandma said: "Happiness is the place where she is and the center of her heart." . "The original has been looking for is not the ancient town, but have your mountains and rivers, have my wind moon.

   I dropped a drop of tears, then dense into ink flowers, time paintings. You are blooming quietly, under the silent starry sky.. Brilliant fireworks decorate the flawless dream.. When you cool to ashes, and my heart in the starry sky inside how also cannot receive back, is frozen into a distant view, cannot finish a pen.

   It's very cold, very cold.. When the moonlight overflows the lattice window, when the cool breeze passes through the green gauze tent, when there is your little case of the green lamp of that year, the love of connection. Yesterday and today, Yiyi still seems to be in a state of deep sorrow. It is only like walking alone across the river of time. At this end and that end, empty rooms warm up with memories of inside.. Crying, crying, laughing, gathering and falling apart. An umbrella I hold until numbness, umbrella can no longer cover your shoulder, that time is called before.

   You have always refused to admit that you are leaving. inside's eyes are still soft and gentle. It is the head to leave the past.. I am staying in inside in the season with you. The branches of time and your singing are accompanied by wind chimes.. I always believe in the truth at that time, and I believe in the points at this time even more.. I came and went in the Town & Country of the story, without saying a word in pain and without realizing my mistake.. I'm waiting in the story of inside. I don't need to wait for a change. I don't need any conditions. I just call it you. Whether you come or not is you.. I have no regrets about my experience. I can feel that your soul has never been far away. It is in the old house of inside and our story of inside, just as I did not explain to the years, but only talked to my heart..

   Text/JiLin sky





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