Love you, leave you

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   Love you, leave you

   A girl asked me, "In this life, will you bother me and get tired of me?"? "

   I shook my head and promised, "Absolutely not! "

   The girl smiled contentedly.. This is how she loves to laugh..

   "Are you enough! In this way, I will always pester you and depend on you until you get bored . "

   Speaking of which, the girl suddenly turned around and pointed at my nose and said, "You said so."! Don't get bored with me if you own it.. "

   The naughty and innocent expression of the girl is the memory of inside in my hand at that time. I know that what she wants is not an answer, but my promise.. The difference between the two is that the latter can only be maintained by love..

   I only recently received the ending of my love with that girl. The pain was not very deep, but it was very real.. I think it is because of time that it is much easier to learn the ending after many years 宏海国际注册 than it was then. The belated and slow pain and the sedative in the pain are the last love the girl left me in this world.. It is not strong, but sincere.

   Girls like to watch idol drama. I said it was fake..

   She said, idol drama idol drama describes perfect love, and what we do is to explain its true meaning.

   What is the truth? I asked

   The girl suddenly became very angry, bulging her cheeks and threw me off several steps at once..

   "Is love, is love! "This is the answer that I only understood a few years later today.

   I and the girl have always loved each other in the noisy, from the beginning to the end..

   Once, in that park, inside, I saw her for the first time..

   The petite and lovely face pointed at the willow tree on my drawing board with mock disdain: "Hey, what is this?"? Bubble noodles? "I don't say much nonsense, grabbed the brush in his hand, a dip in water," brush brush "drew three times on her face, and then unbridled rampant laughter.

   The girl did not laugh, nor did she cry or call the teacher. She stood up from her position and lifted her neck up at me. Like a proud peacock, she reached out a finger to me and puffed her cheeks: "childish! Bad guy! "

   Compared with countless similar appellations later, I like the way she was angry with me this time. I was attracted by the obstinacy and arrogance shown by this girl.. This is a wonderful feeling, just like the crystal on the crown is irresistible to women.

   "At that time, did you have a bad impression on me, think I was very fierce? "A year later, the girl like a cat nest in my arms, recalled this strange meeting.

   "Which have, I think you are very beautiful like that. "I seriously replied.

   "really? "The girl looked up and blinked his big eyes.

   "Yes, that is the real you, just like the two of us together, is not mixed with anything, like transparent jade without defects. "

   "You lied to me, I which have so good. "

   "Because I love you, Silly girl. "I hugged her head.

   Time flies, I still remember that girls like to watch me suffer most. When they see my helpless expression, she will open her mouth to reveal two cute little tiger teeth.. I will never forget that I invited her to have a cold drink and didn't bring enough money.. The girl solemnly handed out a five-dollar bill, which looked like a large one: "This girl is buying dinner today."."I am very embarrassed, dare not speak to her. The girl laughed without style.

   Laughing enough, she walked up to me, stood on tiptoe and whispered in my ear, "Idiot, I took that five dollars in your pocket in inside, hey hey ."

   I threatened to teach her, she had already turned into a chuckle, mingled with the sweet wind left me far away..

   Although the distance between us was very long at that time, as long as I was willing, I would come to her one day. But now, no matter how hard I try to run, I can't hold her hand any more, only her old voice and features are vaguely visible..

   I broke up with her on a rainy day that was very fitting to the plot..

   She stood at the end of the corridor, I stood at the end of the corridor, outside is continuous rain.

   I looked at her with a little uneasiness.

   She looked at me, flour with a sad.

   She didn't run to me as soon as she met as usual..

   I didn't embrace her as soon as I met her, as I used to..

   "I'm sorry, let's separate. "she said.

   "oh. "

   This word, squandered all my courage.

   Seeing her leave, I began to fear. Find a corner, squat, hold tight, curl up.

   It's cold in a rainy world..

   After several days of rain, I threw away my past and everything about her, including innocence..

   In my diary inside, I wrote: "Thank all those who hurt me. You forced me to grow up."

   This sentence, five years ago with hate, five years later has become a free and easy.

   In that rainy night, I found words to support my life and wrote some sentences.

   Love is Apple Farmer Puzzle, when you can pick it, only to find that you have grown up..

   Shanghai, 20 10.

   I sorted out my travel items and turned to a card with a string of numbers on the pink bottom..

   This is the password that awakens my memory. It seems that I went back to the park and saw her again..

   This is the girl's QQ..

   I boarded her space with a complicated mood and lit up the gray page..

   I'm a little surprised, girls hate gray the most..

   Drag the mouse and turn over her classmate's message.

   200 9.. 7.. 8.

   Brave Xiao Mo, is everything okay in heaven? Be happy


   Xiao Mo, not afraid, we will bless you.


   Good-bye, Xiao Mo. May all your codes. Are Angels Really Beautiful? , Xiao Mo, I miss you so much.

   . Xiao Mo .

   For a long time, I turned off the computer screen and my mind was filled with the girl's last updated mood..

   The boy I love said to me, "I am dead and you are still alive.". "This is the most guilty thing in the world. Because at that time I will no longer be able to share your loneliness..So, I'd rather he didn't know anything.





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