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   1, I will be sad, sad, crying, but you never know.

   You are a pig. A pig that doesn't understand my heart.

   3, do not express because the chip to impress the heart is not enough

   4, the lover of the person I love, please take good care of my lover.

   As a friend, I hugged my favorite teenager..

   6. I really didn't have the courage to tell him. I was so scared. It was just my Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex..

   7, once secretly wrote someone's name on the table, but hastily erased it.

   My heart is nearest to you, but even if you can see it, you won't understand it..

   9, do not express, we will always be friends; I did, and maybe not even a friend..

   10, very sad, help girlfriends chase their crush!

   You never know how much the person who turns a blind eye to you cares about you.!

   12. As you get older, you don't have a secret crush. Even if you care about someone, if the other person is indifferent, you will immediately turn over a new leaf

   13. You will never know how much people who think about you love you .

   14. His happiness inside has no place for me, and my happiness inside only has him..

   15, to do not belong to their own people have been persistent, will eventually become a clown.

   16, like you again how, can only be buried in my heart!

   17, I love you!, but you don't know anything

   18, I love you, do you know! It's the kind of つ that loves love very much.

   19, I have been watching you, do you know

   20, some words are more suitable for rotten in my heart, such as actually like you before.

   21, love a person will eventually be injured, unrequited love is sad..

   22, good heartache, hated by their favorite people.

   23. How does it feel to wait for a 宏海国际登录 person for three years?.

   24, everyone's life, always meet a worthy person to love, but doomed to love.

   I love him deeply and am better to him than myself, but only she is in his heart..

   You are the scenery I need to look up to and the fireworks I can only watch..

   27. I hope we can meet again in the afterlife, even if we just pass each other by..

   You never know how much I love you.

   29, embarrassed I have been carrying this secret of love you

   31, can make you have a photographic memory of the person, is not me all the time.

   32, you live in my heart, tell me what is missing.

   33. Why do I always want to be paranoid about loving someone who doesn't love me

   34, your happiness, sting hurt I haven't had time to narrow my eyes.

   I have a crush on him for a long time, but he can't see me until I walk in front of him..

   36. He and she are from the same world, while I am a person who applauds desperately after a stage play..

   37, I love the girl, you are heartbroken for him, but my heart is heartbroken for you

   38, unrequited love is the heart will keep telling you, I am the heart, I love her!

   39, you cry, he coaxed. My position is really embarrassing..

   I have only one secret, that is, I love you.

   41. I have a serious crush on someone and have no courage to confess..

   42, the other side of you and I will not have any connection, because you only love her.

   43. You and her are so happy now that I dare not get involved.

   I miss you everyday, but you don't know .

   45, Lin has wood, wood has branches, heart yue jun Xi jun don't know .

   Even though I am the princess in everyone's heart, I am still nothing in your heart..

   47. How can you understand the feeling of tossing and turning in your heart for someone who doesn't like you at all

  48. I am so timid that I can't even say a word I like you..

   49. I will stand by your side quietly and silently..

   You are what I want most, and I am what you don't need most..

   I like you, but you don't know! Love pain, why love again!

   52, unrequited love is: you don't know, I already belong to you.

   53, in fact unrequited love is also good, just a short distance.

   54, looking at their favorite people and other members of the opposite sex laughing, that kind of terrible pain several people can understand.

   55, I am your passing clouds, but you are my last days depend on.

   56. loving you is like drowning in the deep sea, but you can't cry out for help.

   57, unrequited love is the most beautiful love, because you always say goodbye..

   If you can't be your prince, be your knight..

   59. I don't know how important I am to you. At least, I know you are very important to me..

   I can't compare the harmony between them..





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