Youth blooms in pain.

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   Youth blooms in pain, I call it growth.

   In the early autumn when the oath fell, I still remember that the purple osmanthus flowers everywhere were blooming brightly. The bright sunshine poured from the luxuriant branches and leaves like a note, casting a mottled patch. He walked in from the tiny shadow. blazing with anger, smiling like a cloud, had fallen at a glance.. Later, we naturally got acquainted. One day, I said, "Have you ever seen or believed in love?"? "He said nothing.

   Later, still under the purple flower, he said: "I never believe in love. "he turned to the back of him, smiled and said loudly to him:" what a coincidence, I also don't believe it! "Then tightly biting his lips and looking up hard, I saw the white clouds flowing like cotton candy in the sky. The sky in vast expanse was moving with the wind. I saw the sky was still very blue, blue with some melancholy, the sun was very bright, and some dazzling bright.. I told myself from the bottom of my heart: I didn't cry, only my eyelashes drowned.. But still tasted the canthus spread filar silk bitter, straight in my heart. That year, I was 17 years old..

   Since then, I have never seen him again, and now I am 22 years old when I return to the purple osmanthus flower again..

   The sky is high and the clouds are light, looking down on the wild geese flying south.. Did I let go of your hand, or did you leave my world?? However, have I ever held your hand tightly and have you ever given me a beautiful promise like a lie?? Who ever walked past inside during the rainy season, splashing ripples? Who ever stopped in the youth of inside, who was displaced with sadness everywhere?

   I carefully walked through the corner of the wall over and over again, but how also can't remember what that person looks like, I carefully caressed every piece of mottled blue brick, but how also can't remember what kind of mood at that time, I carefully smell lingering in the tip of each wisp of fragrance, still can't find back to the original feeling .

   However, now I am no longer in Pursued's unknown answer, and suddenly it occurred to me that I don't know who said or sung it: I want to put the happiness you gave into my pocket, but I forgot that the clothes you gave me named love has no pocket .


   Perhaps in this soft red ten zhangs, we are all destined to be just passers-by at the end of the world in boating on the lake. When the boat is sailing across the Heart Lake and the breeze is not dry, there will be no waves..

   Once again, I opened the colorful letter papers and suddenly felt the urge to write a letter. However, at the moment of writing, I did not know for whom the rafts of flowing water were written, and the full throbbing was sincere to whom.. Many years ago, the half-written love letter was now being turned over, but it was only a smile from The Lips. As soon as it came in handy, it was once again covered with dust. I only felt that I was naive and ridiculous at that time. That's all .

   Gimilis Bichebi was weaved and pieced together by unrealistic dreams. At that time, you and I were so sincere and naive. At that time, you and I, who had never experienced the world, said goodbye .

   But I am always afraid, I am afraid that those good old days will fade away with that long river called time, and I am afraid that those good old days will be dusty and then disappear..

   Headset inside repeated over and over again the whispers of Hong Han softly:

   Maybe I won't see it again

   A yellowish day when parting.

   Some people are doomed not to see each other again.

   Those once green faces

   Youth, blooming in pain, I call it growth .





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