This is often the case in life.

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   Life is all the process that people go through from birth to death. In this process, we will also experience difficulties and obstacles, ups and downs, joys and sorrows.. Only in this way, is the real life. A person's life cannot always be smooth sailing. It can also be said that a person's life is a kind of experience from immaturity to maturity..

   On life, maybe I am not qualified yet, because I am still a small junior high school student.. But perhaps my experience is different from others, which makes me become the controller and imagination of life..

   Now I am 14 years old, flower season, youth, these words surround me..

   But have you ever wondered, behind all this is too much helplessness and pain. I'm going to read grade 3 at the beginning of this year, but I may not have the chance again.. My mother had a serious illness, and my family, together with me, went back to their hometown to seek medical treatment.. But at this time, the school sent a notice to make up a missed lesson. My heart was tangled, painful and unable to make a choice.. After some struggle, I chose to go back to my hometown, because under the choice of 宏海平台 family ties and studies, anyone would choose family ties.. I thought my mother's illness would soon be cured, but I can imagine it is so beautiful, but the reality is often cruel.. Before returning to my hometown, I held other students to make up missed lessons, but my mind was floating around at home doing nothing. too many imaginations came to mind. the more I thought about them, the more painful it was. the more I thought about them, the more I felt a feeling that I couldn't say.. Now back to my hometown, my mother is in hospital, my father is with her, and I'm staying at my uncle's house. Although I'm a relative, I always have a different feeling. As the saying goes,

   "East or west,home is the best., it is better to own a dog kennel. "

   Nothing is completely satisfactory, because, presumably, it was predestined when God created us. Man is man after all, and it is impossible to challenge fate after all..

   At this time, I have thought too much, but my ideal has been established, and I have never changed for any reason.. At this time, I have a real ideal, to become a junior high school Chinese teacher, as to how this idea came about, in fact, I am not sure, anyway, this is the inner thoughts, people just follow one's inclinations.

   Then please go back to the sixth grade, when I was twelve, ignorant and immature..

   At that time, we didn't know what graduation meant. We thought it was the students who separated for the time being.. Actually wrong. We have been a Little Men since we graduated from the sixth grade.. We are not as happy as our brothers and sisters in the next junior high school, nor as happy as our neighbors.. There is always a kind of unspeakable feeling, that is, we do not realize that graduation is equal to parting ways..

   Looking at everyone on the eve of graduation, they were all writing about Classmates Memo, and some were confessing to someone they liked. Although they were only ignorant of love, they contained thoughts, because if they didn't say it again, there would be very few opportunities after finishing their careers..

   And I, also an ordinary girl, also had the purest love in my memory. I had a crush on willow for four years, and I knew him as a bus.. I have done too many foolish things for him..

   When school was over, he was very slow and I waited for him.. He takes a bus, and every time I leave a place next to me.. If you like to eat fruit, always cheat him to say you don't like it, and then give it to him.. Later, when I rode my bicycle, I liked to follow the bus to see his far back .

   Until graduation day, I was still thinking about whether to tell him or not during the exam. I just got on the bus for the last time, but he didn't arrive.. I still haven't broken the pure friendship between us..

   That year, he liked Chinese, and I also liked it. I secretly made the ideal of being a writer for him and me..

   I don't remember much about the time when I retired again. The rest is just scattered Memento, which is difficult to piece together and helpless..

   Although my life is not over yet, there is still a long way to go, and I am not small and no longer afraid. I can go forward bravely.. With my ideal, go and have a look.. This is often the case in life, and reality is also life. Should we experience it slowly?.

   Author: Light? Shadow





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