Love Proposal Personalized signature

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   Love Proposal Personalized signature

   1. I would like to be a happy pinion and a healthy screw. As long as I can add more bricks and tiles to your happiness career, it is my greatest happiness.. Dear, Please Marry Me!

   2, this year, do everything early. Afraid of being stuck in the road, you should leave early.. For fear of failing to catch up with CPI, financial management should be carried out as early as possible.. Of course, we should get married as early as possible, dear. Hurry up, Please Marry Me..

   3, a chance encounter, that is chance; Acquaintances with each other, that is the reason for staying. To know and love each other is love. Together, it is a marriage.. Dear, we are predestined friends in this life and are willing to create a beautiful and good relationship.!

   When you are hungry, I am your rice. When you are thirsty, I am your water. When you are ill, I am your medicine. When you are depressed, I am your punching bag. When you got married, I was your groom.!

   5. weave a bright future for you with my hands.. Use my hands to build a warm nest for you.. Use my hands to create a happy life for you. Please Marry Me!

   6, through the wind, through the rain, through the sunshine and rain; Laugh out tears, cry out tears, ride along the bumpy ride together; When the tender sky is filled with love, I am waiting for the happiness encircled on the ring finger.! Honey, I love you.!

   7, when you see this text message, you have been hit by the fierce love poison, the only antidote is to marry me, otherwise you will have arrhythmia, acacia into bitter, don't think about it, let's get married quickly!

   宏海国际 8, want you to be my red bride, the most beautiful and beautiful; Seeing you become a yellow-faced woman, I feel distressed and silent. May you accompany me to the white-haired and happy Zou si fang. Honey, will you marry me?

   9. Warm sunshine, blue sky, bright red happy words, happy smile, gorgeous flowers and white gauze. My dream is to give you a Home Sweet Home, my dear, to be my wife.!

   10, a red line to lead the edge, Two of a Kind to love, sincerity to you about, four flour chu song rival in love, all kinds of coax you huan, be puzzled saw you, so anxious to marry you, marry me!

   11, give you gentle, don't let you worry about happiness; Give you my money, don't let you run for life; Waiting for you, don't let you worry about loneliness; Give you my hands, please follow me all your life.! Sweet talk

   12, Dimming Spark sky, I make a wish: love you forever! Your happy laughter is the rose that opens in my heart.. Put on the ring of love, take my hand and walk forward together..

   13, time is changing, this heart remains the same, heaven is visible, the sun and moon can be seen. The sea has changed, These Thousand Hills, the place is changing, and it is really the same.. True words, beating heart, ask you to marry me?

   14. Every day is the most beautiful poem ever since we met and knew each other and my heart has hidden in you.. I want to accompany you to watch the sunrise and sunset. I want to accompany you to wait for the flowers to bloom and wither. I'll live my whole life. Do you want to.





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