Memories left in my heart

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   Everything has changed, whether familiar or unfamiliar; But some have not changed, whether important or forgotten.. Forget it, I wish us all the best.


   "Benedict! ""here it is! "I opened the door and looked at you outside some become speechless, a brother to the mouth and swallow it down. You smiled unnaturally and bypassed me into the house..

   I have to say, you have changed a lot.. The little skinny man who was about the same height as me suddenly jumped to a height of 1.85 meters, causing only 1.6 meters of damage. I had to look up at you helplessly.. It also turned black, as black as charcoal, but it looked healthy.. However, you have become silent. I have some doubts. Is this still the bad brother who used to bicker with me, steal my candy and bully me every day??

   Watching you silently walk to the sofa and sit down, staring at the TV. Eyes are empty and lifeless, like a lifeless puppet.. I shook my head and glanced at the dazzling advertisement on the TV screen, only feeling dizzy.. Slowly walk back to the position where I sat before and change the table casually.. Listening to the exaggerated laughter of the host, he felt upset and simply muted it.. Holding the remote control, I looked at you with my head tilted and pointed to the TV. You shook your head and continued staring at the TV in a daze.. Some embarrassment, at that time, can only hear grandpa cooking in the kitchen and two aunts they faintly heard laughter in the back room. The A word.

   We remained silent for a while. Suddenly Grandpa leaned out of the kitchen inside and shouted to me, "Ming Shu, there is no salt. Go and buy a bag of salt.". The money is on my bedside table.. "Grandpa suddenly saw you staring blankly again, and shouted:" Take your brother with you, don't interrupt again! "I resigned to wear a coat, take good money, led mywood you out of the door.

   The salt shop was not too far away, and we went our separate ways in silence.. I am behind, you are in front.. The weather in the afternoon is not as sunny as in the morning, but rather gloomy and stuffy, which makes people feel a little depressed.. I couldn't resist the strange atmosphere and stopped to say, "Brother? "You seem to be I got a fright, hurriedly turned around, has not changed Poker Face finally has changed. I couldn't help laughing, and you scratched your head embarrassedly. finally, the atmosphere was no longer so dignified..

   After that, we went to Walking And Talking and talked about our childhood.. I smiled cunningly and joked to you, "I don't know who stole three bags of joyful and cheated me of a chicken leg when I was young."? "You muttered to yourself guiltily:" It's really stingy! It is a great burden for you to remember such a long time ago.! "I pretend to be angry, catch up on AIRS to hit you. As you fled, you shouted, "Help! 宏海国际注册 Help! Murder and arson robbed the bank!"! "We act as if there is no one else present to chase slapstick in the street, the wind gently blowing, caressed the leaves rustling sound. I was a bit dazed. The scene in front of me overlapped with the fragments in my memory, as if I had returned to our carefree days as a child.. Dark sigh, always can't go back, that follow one's inclinations ignorant fearless innocent time. Time is a thief, and we have lost so many things that we should cherish inadvertently.. But what can we do? No, we can only stride forward and not turn back.. Even if again sorry, again helpless, also want to learn to give up and grow up. Time has split the present and the past on both sides of the torrent, but there is no way to get back or get by..

   When you go back to grandma's house, you'll look like you were silent and wooden again.. Only then did I finally determine that the villain's brother was really gone.. With the growth of our age and the increase of our burden, he has always been buried in our hearts with memories.. But I know that you will definitely be there in my best memory..

   Brother, please remember: no matter how life goes, please don't forget original will and don't lose the courage to fight again..

   May everything be all right with us, brother.

  Author: Tranquility Tea





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