See through the sentences of life(2)

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   34, everyone has a life, no one's life is more noble than others, no one's life is more humble than others. The problem is that not everyone understands the meaning of life and cherishes his own life.. Those who cherish life and understand Live Your Days Peacefully, life is a gift to him. Those who fear life will not die, but life will become a burden to them..

   35, in life, there is clearly a kind of love, called smile. And this kind of love, like a mature pistachio hanging on a branch, lets you pick it on your way to life and fill your love bags freely.. This kind of love is actually an attitude towards life and a realm. It is not necessarily related to the status and situation of the rich and the poor..

   36. The suffering that befalls you is often the result of God's efforts to toughen your heart and grow more upright and straight.. Suffering is a very nutritious tonic for a person who is willing and eager to grow up.!

   37, people can not beautiful, but to be healthy; People may not be great, but they must be happy. One may not be perfect, but one must pursue it..

   38. Living in the eyes of others, inside will be lost in his own world.. In fact, it is not impossible for you to demand yourself according to other people's principles.. But there are tens of millions of others, including wise men, two fools, wise men and Simpleton.. You can't identify these with your own principles, then you can only use your own life to let others live in your world..

   39, life is always many hardships, things always change difficult choice. Escape is only a short moment, and fate will not be rewritten from now on. Fate needs to be cherished, importune is not a good means; Giving up is sometimes inevitable. May your life be brilliant.

   40. The way to live in harmony with others is as follows: 1. Endure the sentence, and the root of the disaster will never be born again.. Two, spare a, don't argue with people for strength. Three, endure for a while, fire pit into white lotus pond. Four, take a step back, is the way of life practice.

   41, a person's knowledge is a circle, the more knowledge reserves, the larger the circle, the more contact area, can grasp and peep at more opportunities.

   42, mature people don't ask the past; Smart people don't ask now; Open-minded people don't ask about the future..

   43. Life is changeable and unpredictable. Perhaps when you are shining brightly, life will give you a sudden blow. Perhaps when you are complacent, fate pours cold water on you. Perhaps when you are at a loss, your vitality suddenly appears, and you will see a bright future.. This is life, and this is the beauty of life.. It is full of changes, rich and colorful, difficult to describe with words and difficult to express with limbs..

   44, when a thing needs to be through debate or quarrel to make the other side yield, this does not mean the other side of the unreasonable, but their own incompetence

   45, because of life, some people chose to cry. Because of life, some people have chosen to smile actively.. In fact, life itself is full of bitterness, containing different ups and downs, but life does not owe us anything, at least, it gives us life and gives us room to live.. So, there is no need to always bitter face, envy crying face.

   46, a man alive, a word "smile". Laughing at reputation is indisputable. Laugh at evil wealth and do not take it. Laugh at life, not ask for it; Laugh at the twists and turns, not angered; Laughing at dignitaries as their agents; Not humble; Cristela, unfettered; Laugh at gain and loss, and be carefree..

   47, life is complicated, ( Cn) There are too many unclear thoughts; Life is illusory, there are too many Day Dream Love; Life is sad and beautiful, with endless magnificence. Life is happy with endless caresses of love.. Life is like a bottle with a hundred flavors. How can you smell and distinguish it without knowing its flavor?. The complicated smell makes it difficult for us to clarify and explain. This is life..

   48. Only when you are in a good mood can you have good scenery, good vision can you have good discovery, and good thinking can you have good ideas.. Happiness gives people comfort, but it also gives people premature death. Labor sharpens, but it endures..People may not be beautiful, but they must be healthy. People may not be great, but they must be happy. One may not be perfect, but one must pursue it..

   49. Life is short, and those who live a long life can live to be 100 years old. Not long, The Finger Points. However, the green hills cannot cover it. After all, it is too late to regret the life you have passed until you reach the end of your life.. Instead of regretting at that time, it is better to do more today, at least when looking back, it is bittersweet, tears and smiling faces coexist.. One less regret, one more aftertaste..

   50. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: it is hidden by habits, blurred by time, and consumed by inertia..

   51. Rule of life: You can trust others, but you cannot expect others. Don't refuse kindness, don't stop smiling; Mistakes can be made, but they cannot be repeated. Criticism must be accepted. insult and insult are absolutely unacceptable..

   52, life, should say to say, the dumb to dumb, is a kind of smart; In life, what should be done should be done, and what should be retired should be retired. Is a kind of wisdom; Life, the show to show, the hidden to hide; Is a kind of state.

   53, live to see the enemy fall one by one, this is the greatest pleasure in life.

   54. The tranquil lake flour has only a lonely reflection, and the surging torrent will have beautiful waves. Happiness is what you strive for.. Please remember that no pie will fall from the sky.. The meaning of one's life is to constantly struggle, challenge and defeat oneself..





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