See through the sentences of life

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   See through the sentences of life

   1. The biggest mistake people often make is being too polite to strangers and too harsh to close people. Change this bad habit, Peace reigns over the land.

   2, in The Beginning of Life, don't take people as young deceives; In the twilight of life, don't take people as weak insult; Don't flatter yourself before others. After people, don't take people as monkeys slander; On top of people, don't treat people as people. Under people, don't take yourself as a person.. When you are used to living a life, then your life is only one day. If your life is always new, then you will have a wonderful day..

   3. Confucius said, "Wise men delight in water.". Lao Zi said "charity: water". Zen says "kindness is like water". I said, "People should learn water.". There are many obstacles in the world. when learning water, one should be able to dive, surge, flow, run, rise, fall, be flexible, changeable, live and live in a mirror, be kind to everything, not blindly seek the environment to adapt to oneself, but be kind to adapt oneself to the environment..

   4. If your childhood is not fun, your youth is not good at learning, your youth is not determined, and your middle age is not entrepreneurial, then your life will die with your old age..

   5. Understanding the heart of speech, the ups and downs of Enlightened, the fate controlling the growth rings by oneself, striving is the soul of growth, diligence is the foundation of everything, giving will harvest Brilliant life.

   6. Life is not only difficult and dangerous, but also full of temptations and reveries, full of beautiful longings and desires.. For example, a beautiful wild flower in Lu Yu on foot, so we stopped to watch it but forgot to move on.. In this way, a wild flower will confuse us and forget ourselves in intoxication.. Maybe one day we will suddenly fall into the abyss of love, fantasizing about the beauty and beauty of love, so we forget our responsibilities, indulge in the longing for love, inside, lose our direction and forget our original pledge. 、

   7. Life was originally free of troubles. When Flames of Desire was lit, troubles knocked on your heart.. There is no pain in life originally. When you start to care about gain and loss and crave more, pain will COMe to haunt you..

   8. Mastering a large amount of knowledge may not necessarily bring 宏海国际平台 wealth, but having no goods in one's stomach is absolutely doomed to crawl on one's stomach for a lifetime to survive in wealth bottom of the pyramid.

   9. The journey of the heart is the journey of life, and the process of experiencing all things in the world with heart is life.. The beauty of life comes from our discovery and taste, and the hardship of life requires us to taste and experience more.. Only through personal experience can we find the extraordinary and magnificent life..

   10. Pretending to be very tolerant of others is actually his incompetence. Since he is afraid to hurt others, he is cowardly and pale and explains it as forgiveness..

   11, know people behind is a gentleman; Knowing that the people behind the scenes are little people.

   12, study is not as good as employment, employment is not as good as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship pursuit of career, career achievements. The world of mortals is full of lofty sentiments, and great achievements will be made in the future. People are responsible for everything. They dare to do anything. All people work hard and start their own businesses-the foundation will last forever.!

   13, simple life is not easy, because to live simple, must not think too much.

   14, above people, to treat people as people; Under people, we should treat ourselves as people..

   15. The wonder of life is often subtle, and the variety of life lies between Caetuna. Only by carefully studying Amaretto sours and paying attention to the things around you can you find the wonder of life..

   16. To be low-key and to speak is important. Doing things in a low-key way is important, and hard work is important. Hold on to feelings, fate is important; Life is safe and happiness is important. Time slips away, meaning is important; Friends are important in the vicissitudes of life. In life, contentment is good.!

   17. Life is a ticket without return journey, a movie that cannot be played back, and a door that goes out without return journey. Don't regret the past, seize all the opportunities worth cherishing and face life bravely.. Will struggle to the end!

   18. Happiness should be accompanied by sadness. After rain, there should be fine weather.. If rain remains after rain and sorrow remains after sorrow, please let us face the parting calmly.. Smile to find an impossible you!

   19, you can not noble, but not shameless; You may not be great, but you cannot be mean. You may not be smart, but you cannot be confused. You may not be learned, but you cannot be ignorant. You may not make friends, but you cannot be lonely. You may not be optimistic, but you cannot be pessimistic. You may not be generous, but you cannot harm others. You may not pursue, but you cannot be jealous. You may not make progress, but you cannot go backwards..

   20, the giant pen of life is held by yourself, whether it's splash-ink painting's book with sleeves rolled up or whether it's going through twists and turns, or whether it's bland, actually all depends on how you hold it..

   21, wrong, right, right and wrong, depoliticization, calmly face. The wound will heal eventually. There will always be a definite conclusion about right and wrong. Rumors will blow away in the wind. Smile to resolve misunderstandings. The result will be no regrets. May your heart be higher than the sky, The Story Of My Life!

   22. Life needs games, but not No Game No Life. Life needs singing and dancing, but there is no need to get drunk and dream of death. Life needs art, but cannot be opportunistic. Life requires courage, but not recklessness. Life needs repetition, but it cannot be repeated.. When you enjoy your work, you will do your best. Take life as fun and you will be full of confidence. When you grow up from reading, you will work hard. Take dedication as happiness, and you will help others generously..

   23, the weak only extremely difficult, but the brave can cut through all obstacles; Fools have only one voice to lament, but wise men have thousands of ways..

   24. Realm of life: 1. Realm of self-discipline: reactive power is not affected by big green, helplessness is not affected by big gifts, and bravery is not affected by big money. 2. Realm of life: Always associate with superior people, meet elegant people at leisure, and enjoy sharing with relatives.. 3. Career Realm: To be responsible with all one's heart and soul without regret, to support a well-off family without worry, and to be happy without regret. 4. Emotional realm: Don't be vulgar, like the new and dislike the old, help each other and don't delay each other..

   25. Death teaches people everything, just like the results announced after the exam-although it suddenly dawned on them, it was too late.!

   26. Life is full of ups and downs, ups and downs, even though it has gone through hardships and persevered, even though it is difficult to reach its goals, but it has enjoyed the process. Don't believe in gods and ghosts, just be steadfast, live in things always change, and wish you peace in your life..

   27, life is only a few decades, don't leave yourself any regrets, Smile Happily, cry as you like, love when you should, there is no need to suppress yourself.

  28, he who sees through is reasonable, put down is a thing. To be free, one must see through. The world of mortals sees through but is floating and sinking, the life sees through but is impermanent, the love sees through but is gathering and scattering.. Only when you have seen it through can you put it down. If you have not seen it through, you cannot put it down..

   29, getting old does not mean mature, the real maturity is to see through.

   30, what all can throw, but can't lose face; Everything can come again, but life cannot come again. Everything can be thrown away, but faith cannot be thrown away. Everything is acceptable except humiliation.. You can forget failure, but you cannot forget lessons. You can forget yesterday, but not history. You can forget hardships, but you cannot forget hardships. You can forget scars, but not shame..

   As long as one can master himself, he will lose nothing..

   32. The true meaning of life lies in innovation, the ideal of life lies in ambition, the art of life lies in choice, the steps of life lie in steadiness, the pleasure of life lies in pursuit, and the happiness of life lies in insipid. If you admire yourself too much, you won't find the advantages of others. If you admire others' advantages too much, you will lose sight of your own..

   33, the sun always sees rainbows after rain and wind and rain.. People like Hee come to this world with the same blue sky and white clouds, watching the same stars and moon. No matter failure or pain, if we can smile happily, burn flowers, sing the march of life, praise the brilliant blue sky and white clouds, and share the tranquility of the sun and moon, then we will be happy with smiles, warm hearts and flowers, and even have golden fruits.. (责任编辑:admin)




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