True feelings are hard to find.

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   True feelings are hard to find.

   My daughter is in primary school. What form should the teacher fill in? When asked about the child's father, the daughter insisted on asking me for a father..

   This is a painful past, I really don't want to mention, daughter was less than a year old at that time, her father was a big truck driver, people often say that the driver is one foot on the accelerator, one foot on the gate of hell. However, there are also many people who have worked for a lifetime and the driver is safe. everything is done by people. the child is small, and every time the devil drives the car, I always give him a thousand instructions. I remember that the steel plate was pulled from the bottom of the car to the top of the big box. when I looked at it, I felt very mysterious and said to him, "husband, my child and I are waiting for you at home. be careful on the road.". "

   He said impatiently, "It's always the same two sentences each time. Can you bring something new?"? "I had to say nothing, silently watching him start the car ignition, load more than 20 tons of car slowly drove out of the yard.

   Who knows which one turned out to be a perpetual tactic. when I saw his body the next day, I fell to the ground at one fell swoop. the scrapped car was pulled back. the cab was cut in half by the middle, and there was an emergency on the highway. he had a quick brake. the steel plate on the upper deck of the car dashed forward under the action of inertia. only one look at the dead ghost was split into two bodies. the leaders and colleagues forced me to open up..

   Since then, I have never thought of looking for a man. The child is small. Don't expect a man to be diligent and conscientious for other people's children.. I'm afraid the child will be wronged. It's nothing for me to suffer a little. I'll bite the bullet and stick to it.. However, the teacher in the school broke this peaceful life. I have to give the child an explanation and ask someone to find another man. At least I have to deal with the child's situation..

   There is really such a person in our unit. His surname is Li and his single name is Gao. He is a worker in Yi Go. His daughter studies well. Oversea Study Canada found a Foreign Devils in Canada after graduation. He was laid off from the factory in inside. His wife divorced him and went to Canada.. Yi Go usually works odd jobs in inside. Although he is more than ten years older than me, he looks quite like My Baby's Daddy, isn't it for the sake of children?? Injure yourself and forget it. It's a combination..

   After getting married, he found out that he had made a great mistake. He was hard up after he was laid off. He basically did not eat breakfast outside. After he joined me, he would eat the most expensive breakfast every day. Our place is not like Guangzhou. We eat dozens of pieces of breakfast, which is an economically developed area.. The most expensive thing here is a bowl of flour with 5 yuan. There are eel flour, rich fish flour, shredded pork flour and pork liver flour. Yi Go wants a bowl of eel flour plus a bowl of pork liver soup, totaling 10 yuan. In addition, a bottle of rice wine with 2.5 yuan and a pack of Golden Dragon cigarettes cost me more than 20 yuan a morning.. Before I joined him, I always ate two pieces of vegetarian noodles for breakfast. now I can't even eat vegetarian noodles when I see him eating like this. I'll go to work immediately after waiting for him to eat the rest or soup or drink a little water. since he got married, he doesn't have much odd jobs. as a widow, it's not easy enough to bring up a child. now I have an extra mouth, which is really hard to say.. However, some people in our unit said, "SAO women have to pay a price and raise a man to eat soft food.". "What can I say? Can only break the incisors to bleed to the stomach inside. I don't know when this day will end. Of course, I thought about divorcing him. How bad a reputation a woman who has been a widow several times should have.?

   It's still heaven's eyes open. His ex-wife came back from Canada, saying that she had no language and different living habits in Canada. Seeing her ex-husband looking for a wife much younger than herself, envy came up and forced Yi Go to go back to her. Only then did I get rid of this inhuman man.

   Our property office often invites migrant workers to do some heavy, dirty and smelly work such as cleaning sewers and septic tanks. There is a middle-aged rural man called Dilen who often comes to work here. When our stationmaster heard that he had a dead wife and no children, The Good Heart wanted to introduce him to me. In fact, I hesitated. I had two failed marriages and didn't want to drown in the same river for the third time. It is inconceivable to drown in the same river twice in philosophy. But The Good Heart, the stationmaster who could not hold on, agreed. At first Dilen also handed over the income from his work to me, inside, a wumba.. Gradually I found out what he was hiding from me. It was not all his income that handed me inside. I asked him, "You have an old man in your family."? "He mumbled hesitantly. So I stopped forcing him and watched him carefully. Finally, I found out that he sent money to his family. Under my repeated questioning, I realized that he had not only a 宏海国际 wife but also children. He made up lies in order to work well.. At that time, I remembered that we did not perform Procedures for marriage, but lived together and were not protected by law..

   I really don't know if an unfortunate woman like me can still find her true love.?





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