A little boat, a bamboo cloak, an old man fishing in the col

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   From Tang Dynasty poet Liu Zongyuan's "Xue Jiang"

   No bird is flying among those mountains, and no man traces can be seen among those paths..

   A little boat, a bamboo cloak, an old man fishing in the cold river-snow.


   Most of Liu Zongyuan's landscapes describe a secluded and cool state, so as to express his feelings of depression and indignation when he was persecuted and demoted.. This poem depicts a fisherman fishing alone in the Hanjiang River and expresses the unyielding character of shore despite his loneliness after the failure of Yongzhen's innovation..

   The first two sentences "a hundred mountains and no bird, a thousand paths without a footprint" describe the snow scene, "Qian Shan" and "Wan Jing" are all hyperbole.. There should have been birds in the mountains and people on the roads. But "birds fly away" and "people disappear". The poet painted a lonely state in desolate and cold with birds fleeing away and pedestrians disappearing. Although he did not use the word "snow" directly, the reader seems to have seen the overwhelming snow and felt the biting cold.. This is the reflection of the harsh political environment at that time..

   The three or four sentences "a little boat, a bamboo cloak, an old man fishing in the cold river-snow" depict an image of a fisherman fishing alone in the Hanjiang River. In a place with heavy snow and almost no life, there is a lonely boat with a fisherman on board, dressed in Mino (straw cape), fishing alone on the river in a big snowfall. The fisherman's image is obviously a portrayal of the poet himself, and twists and turns show the poet's indomitable spirit, awe-inspiring fearlessness, and shore's lofty spirit even though he is in a lonely situation after the failure of political reform..

   This poem was written about Yongzhou period in Live After Official Exile. This is a five-character quatrain with alliteration and alliteration.. At first glance, it looks like a landscape painting that is clear at a glance: there are no pedestrians or birds in the icy snow, only an old man is alone in a boat and fishing silently.. However, careful taste shows that this clean, quiet and cold picture is a symbol of a world-renowned independent and lofty realm of life.. First of all, it creates a clean and cool artistic realm. From the literal point of view of the poem, "a little boat, a bamboo cloak" seems to be the focus of the author's description, occupying the main position of the picture.. The fisherman was sitting alone on a boat in a coir hat and fishing for a long time.. The words "solitary" and "solitary" have shown his remoteness from the world and even revealed his personal characteristics of being lofty and free from vulgarity and aloof. The theme of the author's performance has already been revealed here, but the author still thinks that his interest is insufficient, and he has carefully created an artistic background of vast expanse for the fisherman, where everything is silent: the mountains rise in the distance, and the paths are criss-crossing, but there are no birds flying in the mountains and no trace of the paths.. Why is nature so dead when it used to be boiling and noisy and full of vitality everywhere?? A heavy snow covered Qian Shan and covered all roads.. Birds don't fly, people don't. The cold brought by the ice and snow has created a white and desolate world.. This background strongly foil the fisherman's lonely and thin figure.. At this moment, his mood should be how deep and remote cold! Here, the author uses the method of contrast and rendering to describe the climate and scenery of the fisherman when fishing. With a light pen and a light brush, the pure and cool lyrical atmosphere is revealed by only a few words.. The brush strokes reach the sky and the earth, reaching up to the summit and down to the river, covering thousands of miles.. Shen Deqian commented that "Qing Qiao has disappeared.". Gu Lin said, "The snow scene is as good as it is now.". Both of them are referring to the creation of the realm of this poem. Secondly, it vividly reflects 宏海国际 the author's psychological state of being unwilling to bow and feeling lonely after being relegated to Yongzhou.. Zheng Gu, who was later than Liu Zongyuan, once wrote "An Occasional Topic in Snow": "The disorderly floating monk shed the culture of tea is wet, and the dense sprinkling of wine in the song house is weak.. When the river came up late to the drawing place, the fisherman returned with a raincoat.. "Is the poem also wrote Jiang Xuezhong fisherman, but the language is common, more lack of realm, the author did not cast their own subjective consciousness and distinct personality into it, so Su Shi criticized him as" village learning Chinese language ",and praised Liu Zongyuan at the end of the two sentences, saying" human nature is separated also zai. "? Almost day assigned, and also has "! Su Shi's so-called "humanity" refers to the poet's emotional casting.. The antithesis of "human nature has no separation" is "human nature has no separation", so that "human nature has no separation", that is to say, it has reached the highest state of scene blending.. We know that after the failure of the "Yongzhen innovation", Liu zongyuan has always maintained a tenacious mental state even though he has been denounced.. His "Eight Memories of Yongzhou" specially wrote about the scenery in the remote countryside. By means of the theme and conception, he placed his hopes on the remote depth. Every grass and tree shows his extreme loneliness in Act of the Heart.. His aloof and refined personality can also be fully displayed.. The fisherman's image in this poem is in a lonely and cold world, and he goes his own way, walking in a boundless and uninhabited environment and taking it calmly.. Isn't the wind sign, the bones and the unswerving attitude of being faithful very admirable?? The poet Zhang Zhihe, who was about the same time as Liu Zongyuan, wrote "The Fisherman's Song" and said: "White egrets fly in front of Mount Xishe, and mandarin fish are fat in peach blossom and running water.". Green bamboo hat, Green Mino (straw cape), Inclined Wind and Drizzle Need Not Return. "When Zhang Zhijing chose warm spring and flowers to bloom, the picture was beautiful and quiet, showing the serenity and ease of the" cigarette fisherman ". Liu Zongyuan is different from Zhang Zhihe. He is a politician who insists on justice and stands on the soil full of contradictions and struggles. Therefore. When he sent his country to take advantage of the deep winter and the cold winter, people's mood was not only that of a flour indulging in mountains and rivers. He also wrote a solemn and austere, awe-inspiring and inviolable flour with a particularly prominent personality..Finally, the structure of this poem is very exquisite. The title of the poem is "Xue Jiang". However, the author's writing does not touch on the point. He first wrote about the quietness and melancholy of Qian Shan's ten thousand paths.. Birds do not fly, pedestrians disappear. Then, with a stroke of pen, the image of raincoat Weng who is fishing for money in a lonely boat is introduced.. It was not until the end that the words "cold river snow" were written, and the topic was broken on the front.. Read to the end and read the whole article backwards.. A feeling of suddenly enlightened seems to come into being.. The vast expanse of sky and the pristine land are very attractive in its distant landscape.. The artistic conception of this poem is very exquisite. The poet uses the methods of contrast and foil: the vast distance of Qian Shan foil the insignificance of the old man in a solitary boat; The silence of quiet, where birds are extinct, contrasts with the fishing interest of the old man. The cold silence of tranquil in the picture sets off the surging mood of the characters.. The lonely old man is actually a reflection of the poet's mood.. The scenery written in the poem is: peaks, birds can't be seen everywhere, paths are not followed by people.. The whole earth was covered with white snow. An old fisherman in Mino (straw cape) and Asian conical hat was fishing alone on the Hanjiang River in leaf boat. Look, what a vivid picture this is of Hanjiang fishing alone! What does this picture really mean? As we all know, there will never be "pure" landscape poems or landscapes in artistic works.. In them, it is always necessary to relax more or less to reflect the author's feelings and realistic content.. As a matter of fact, the best scenery poem, though full of flowers and birds and full of paper and misty clouds, must be the scenery in every word, and the sound of Smell is always emotional.. This poem is no exception.. As long as we understand Liu Zongyuan's life experience, we can see this.





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