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   Xiao yun has been back to her hometown for more than ten days, and I don't know if her proof of not remarrying has been issued. her cell phone has been turned off. it's really urgent! Xiao yun is a very honest and kind person. unfortunately, when she did not know what love was, she was forced to marry a man who was fond of food, lazy and indulged in gambling.! The most hateful thing is that he is still a domestic violence maniac.! In the case of unbearable, finally divorced. In order to get rid of the entanglement of the rogue man, Xiao yun left her hometown and drifted around.. After more than ten years of hard work, I can finally buy a small dwelling of my own.. Just as she was preparing for the transfer of ownership, the problem came. The staff of the Housing Administration Bureau said that she was required to provide proof that she had not remarried.. Isn't it clearly written "Divorced" in the "Marriage" column of the account book, inside?? People's staff work according to regulations and say that this is what we have here, not even if we have Divorce Certificate. We have to prove that we have not remarried.! What do I do? I have no relatives in my hometown, so I have to travel all the way to inside to open it..

   At night, I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. I was very worried about Xiao yun. we looked after each other and helped each other like sisters.. Suddenly the phone rang, ah, it was Xiao yun! Ouch, I'm so worried. why didn't you call me for so many days?? Your cell phone won't open either.? As soon as I answered the phone, I blamed her.. She said: I know you are worried about me, and, alas! I can't say a word or two clearly. I haven't come back for so many years. What I saw and heard when I came back this time was deeply felt.! At some point, she cried. I quickly asked: What's wrong with you? What's the matter?? It's about to return to the peak of the city. Please come back soon.! She stopped crying and said, "I have written a short essay on my feeling. I'll send it to you first.". I know Xiao yun likes reading and writing poems and essays. she often says that reading can forget pain and writing can heal itself.! In fact, I like chatting with her very much, and I also like reading her articles very much.. I quickly turned on the computer, eye-catching headlines greeted:

   If There Is An Afterlife

   If a person really has an afterlife, I can't divorce under any circumstances. If I divorce, I am free. The children are the first to be hurt.. When I saw the child's hands covered with chilblain, my tears came out at once.. That was when I had dinner with my child. When he held out his chopsticks to clip vegetables, I didn't see what kind of food he was holding. But the purplish red chilblain on his hands deeply hurt my heart. The festering and scabbing ones seemed to grow on my heart instead of on his hands.! The white and fat little hands used to be, but now they are hard to see. It's really a heart-wrenching pain.!

   Children of remarried families, especially those who live with the irresponsible man, how many thoughts will this man put on their children after he marries his stepmother (not all men are like this and not all stepmothers are bad), but how many stepmothers can love each other's children as much as their biological mothers love their own children? I know that stepmothers also have their own difficulties. It is not good to talk too deeply or too shallow.. Even if the stepmother loves the child as tenderly as the mother, what will the child feel in his heart??

   When a marriage is dissolved, the children are the first to suffer the most, and the parents of both parties are the second to suffer.. When I saw the child's grandmother, who was already in her seventies and eighties, dragging her sick body and living alone in a small room in inside, my heart was also very sad. When the old lady was young, she fell down a lot because of her child's illness, lumbago, leg pain and frequent falls.. It was supposed to be the time for children and grandchildren to enjoy family happiness around their knees, but now they are not lonely old people who are alone and watch the time alone.. Although the daughter-in-law does not have close relatives and friends, what would it be like if she did not have grandchildren as links?? So when a man marries a daughter-in-law, when you raise your fist to commit domestic 宏海平台 violence, think about your parents, think about many years later, especially when there is only one old man left.. You personally broke up your family, beat away your daughter-in-law, and your mother will be farther and farther away from you and closer to suffering..

   If There Is An Afterlife, I can't get a divorce under any circumstances. I'm relieved to be divorced, but Mama's Heart is getting heavier and heavier (my father must not have the heart to watch his baby daughter suffer and go to the grave first). I think of my mother until the last few days, still chanting about my marriage. My mother is not at ease with the rest of her daughter's life, not at ease with what will happen to her daughter without her mother.? How to face the complicated world? Mother is worried about her daughter.. I didn't fulfill this filial duty, I couldn't let my mother close her eyes peacefully, and I couldn't let her leave safely.. Dear mother, you don't worry about me, now your daughter has grown up, mature, I will take good care of myself, daughter is not that naive girl, you can rest assured, you rest in peace! However, due to my failed marriage, my mother left silently with regret, anxiety and helplessness and a Heart Pain.. Mother didn't say a word before she died. Perhaps she was sad again at the thought of her daughter's marriage, and choked to death..

   If There Is An Afterlife, I will definitely find a cultured person when I am mature. At least I must also be a cultured and qualified person.! Find a person you love deeply, and also someone who loves you deeply, and have a good talk about love.!Accumulate more sweet materials for future marriage life.. After entering the real marriage life, there will be a lot of memorable things, occasionally where there is not happy, will think of love when the dribs and drabs, so beautiful! So sweet! Even if the long life is like a bowl of plain boiled water, the beauty left by love is like sugar and honey. If you add a little, you will immediately feel that life is still so sweet.! So beautiful! So sweet! Love is pure, we must love each other, love each other! There must be no little improvisation! Don't love, don't marry, don't love easily, don't stoop to compromise! Marriage is an Important Event! Yes, we must remember that marriage is a very important event for everyone and the most important event in life.! It is a great event related to the happiness of oneself and even one's family, and it is a great event for one's whole life.! There must be no ambiguity! It must be that both parties have the same feeling and love each other deeply and sincerely. A marriage built with love is a stable marriage. Only a marriage full of love is the most harmonious, happy and happy marriage.! Just like the song inside sings, let love live in my house every day, no matter in spring and autumn, winter and summer.. When everyone is happy, the family will be happy and the society will be harmonious..

   I watched, my eyes moist, and I lost in thought .

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