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   one. One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. Then one day, you will find that the things you try hard to forget are already gone.

   A person always takes a strange road, looks at strange scenery and listens to strange songs. then in a casual moment, you will find that the things you tried so hard to forget are really forgotten..

   2. Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights in one's hand. It's about having each tiny wish come true, or having something to eat when you are hungry or having someone's love when you need love.

   Happiness is not immortality, not big fish and big meat, not power. Happiness is the fulfillment of every tiny wish in life.. When you want to eat, you have to eat; when you want to be loved, someone will love you..

   3. Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off,you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give you strength at last.

   Love is a lamp, while friendship is a shadow. When the lamp goes out, you will find shadows all around you.. Friend is the person who can give you strength at the end..

   4. I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you.

   I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I can be in front of you..

   5. Love makes man grow up or sink down.

   Love makes people mature or degenerate..

   6. If you can hold something up and put it down, it is called weight-lifting; if you can hold something up but can never put it down,it's called burden-bearing. Pitifully, most of people are bearing heavy burdens when they are in love.

   Those who can lift and hold are called weightlifting, while those who can lift and hold are called weight-bearing.. Unfortunately, most people are loaded with love..

   7. We all live in the past. We take a minute to know someone, one hour to like someone, and one day to love someone, but the whole life to forget someone.

   Each of us lives in our own past. People will spend one minute to know someone, one hour to like someone, another day to love someone, and in the end, it will take a lifetime to forget someone..

   8. One may fall in love with many people during the lifetime. When you finally get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherishthe people you love.

   A person can fall in love with a lot of people in his whole life. After you get the happiness that really belongs to you, you will understand that the pain together is actually a kind of wealth, which enables you to better grasp and cherish the people you love..

   9. When you are young, you may want several love experiences. But as time goes on, you will realize that if you really love someone, the whole life will not be enough. You need time to know, to forgive and to love. All this needs a very big mind.

   When I was young, I would like to talk about love many times, but as I grow older, I finally realize that even if it takes a lifetime to love someone, it is still not enough.. It takes a very broad mind to get to know and understand this person slowly until you fall in love with him..

   10. When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday, and someday that no more important in your memory, we suddenly realize that we are pushed forward by time. This is not a train in still in which you may feel forward when another train goes by. It is the truth that we've all grown up. And we become different.

   When tomorrow turns into today and yesterday, and finally becomes the day when memory of inside is no longer important, we suddenly find ourselves pushed forward by time unconsciously. This is not a still train, inside. When crossing the adjacent train, we seem to be under the illusion that we are moving forward, but we are really growing up. In this case, inside has become another self..

   11.If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain.

   Don't comfort me when you leave me, because every sewing has to meet stinging pain..

   12. Don't forget the things you once you owned. Treasure the things you can't get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.

   Don't forget what you once had.. What cannot be obtained should be treasured even more.. Belong to oneself, don't give up. What has been lost is reserved for memory..

   13. I love and am used to keeping a distance with those changed things. Only in this way can I know what will not be abandoned by time. Forexample, when you love someone, changes are all around. Then I stepbackward and watching it silently, then I see the true feelings.

   I like and get used to keeping a distance from things that change, so that I can know what is the criterion that won't be abandoned by time.. For example, when I love a person, it is full of variables, so I take a step back and watch quietly until I see sincere feelings..

   14. Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love isa mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while womenwill see fewer men.

   Amor de Hombre was born from overlooking while women's love was born from looking up.. If you love Mount photo frame bracket, the more men go up, the more women they can look down on, while the less men they can look up on..

   15. Good love makes you see the whole world from one person while bad love makes you abandon the whole world for one person.

   Good love means that you see the whole world through one person, while bad love means that you abandon the world for one person..

   16. We shall always save a place for ourselves, only for ourselves. Andthen begin to love. Have no idea of what it is, who he is, how to loveor how long it will be. Just wait for one love. Maybe no one will comeout, but this kind of waiting is the love itself.

   In front of yourself, should always have a place to stay, alone there. Then love. I don't know what it is, who it is, how to love, or how long it can last.. Just waiting for a love, maybe there will never be anyone.. However, this kind of waiting is love itself.. (责任编辑:admin)




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