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   I thought you were just a ball, but I didn't think you were really a ball..

   Buddy's psychological quality is very good, just like no psychological quality.

   What is wrong with my life is not that I did not love, but that I loved the wrong person.

   I miss what I shouldn't miss and like what I shouldn't like..

   Those who praise your strength are those who do not know you, and those who know them will say, "Don't hang on.". "

   I put myself in a humble corner and counted the loneliness of my toes.

   There are only two things in my life that I won't! one. This will not be 2. That won't happen either.

   Life is like a cup of tea that can be poured after drinking, but each cup is more bitter than the other..

   When I was a child, I thought learning was the only way forward, and when I grew up, I knew that relationships were the only way out.

   If one day, I disappear from this world, who will desperately look for me.

   It is not enough to give each other what they really have given. It is always something that can never be met. . /

   Not all milk is called Deluxe Milk, not all I call him pig..

   Fat people have only two ways out, either to get a better figure or to get a better state of mind..

   In giving me a little time, let me miss and grieve, then cut off and start over..

   Fat man's motto is: hit a hole wherever you fall.

   A person who has experienced love many times will become insensitive to feelings..

   This year's optimistic indicators have been used up, while the inventory of despair and frustration has accumulated a lot..

   I like to leave things to be done tomorrow, not because I am lazy, but because tomorrow will be better..

   People are born to wait for the moment of death, why do you get so tired?

   Review to review to a total of two people: a Kobe Bryant Conan!

   My ideal is very simple: to have the body of monkey brother and live the life of pig..

   When you are sad, find a the black house to hide and cry because no one cares about you.

   I will go far away and never let you hear from me..

   Lao tze now weighs himself and even wants to pluck his eyebrows.

   All of a sudden, I felt that I was the only one left in the world, and there was indifference everywhere.!

   I really don't want to waste my sincere heart on someone who doesn't love me.

   Whether it is sunny or rainy, sleeping in unprotected sleep is a good day..

   I need a spiritual prop to tell me that I can get through all the hardships.

   Russia loves so much but loves to be apart.

   Maybe my happy laughter is only fake when it is with you.

   When I was a child, I was very timid and put on a P to frighten myself into crying..

   Not me, Never Forget You, but I don't want to forget you.

   You are in the sunny part of my heart. The wind cannot move and the sun cannot shine..

   The man said to me: "Dear, she is weaker than you and needs me more than you.".

   How much more can 宏海平台注册 you worry about

   Can I really put it down? I've been looking forward to my performance.

   You said Russia has not found anyone who can really make Russia understand love..

   Although I was sent to inside to die and hurt my employees, the world has no intention of returning alive.

   When flowers bloom, if you cherish each other, when flowers fall, don't leave each other.

   In fact, I used to be not short, but I often took a bath and shrunk afterwards..

   〆. Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is married....

   How the years change, I still cling to The Old Time.

   We always pursue the illusory to make up for our spiritual needs.

  Just like TV plays, what TV plays is often the opposite of reality..

   Memories are cruel pictures.

   Have been sent to stay, feeling those related to someone's past.

   Women's tears are useless, but if you make women cry, you are useless.

   Maybe God left us only memories

  〆. Slight happiness is nearby, and easy satisfaction is paradise.

   You don't understand how tolerant Russia is

   Little madman, I hope we will be together well in the future, for the rest of our lives.

   Love Signature: Not forgetting you, but never wanting to forget you.

   I feel that I am getting farther and farther away from my former self and cannot find my original self.

   In July, let's forget the past and start over..

   I said I like you, not casually, I am still young and I can wait.





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