Women like flowers, green rhyme gives birth to fragrance.

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   (a) women like flowers

   The seasons change according to the time sequence, once again lifting the veil of summer.. The rhythm of time, bit by bit, quietly penetrated into every corner of life.. In an instant, June has come to an end, gracefully turning around and leaving. In July, dragging a long skirt, the summer was lit with fiery enthusiasm..

   Leaning in the depths of the season, watching the spectacular appearance of flowers, and the sombre ending, the bottom of my heart could not help but give birth to a few cool feelings, a few laments. If the fleeting time is like water, Jinse is hard to stop, and the dream-loving age has passed in an instant. The days are just like flowers blossoming and falling. Every day, from sunrise to the east to the moon climbing up the treetops, there are too many things that haven't had time to do, and one day comes to an end hastily..

   Summer in the north is always short of the colorful flowers in the south, and the flowers are full of fragrance.. I am envious of reading the splendid articles written by small women who are exquisite in mind for various events.. The rose, which was full of excitement and excitement and covered with hedges, was in full bloom and full of joy. It smelled of dominating the whole summer. Mr.zhou's faint gardenia bloomed silently in the corner of inside. If the women in plain clothes and clean complexion are not noisy and unabashed, they will let people feel its 宏海平台 elegance and ease with faint fragrance.. Lagerstroemia indica, deltamethrin . clusters, clusters, take turns to come on stage, all efforts will be the bottom of my heart to accumulate the strength of a winter to release.

   Flowers are the most attractive goblins. They are just the right ones to make you happy and infatuated with them..

   The older you get, the quieter you are. You prefer to be opposite to flowers and trees rather than to people.. In my spare time, plain clothes's cloth skirt, deep in forest and shade, with flowers hovering around my fingers, with low eyebrows and a little smile, looked at each other in the eyes of flowers and whispered to each plant. Whether it was simple and elegant, fresh or fragrant, it could easily lock my eyes and arouse Heart Lake's faint tenderness..

   The flowers are fragrant and warm, the fragrance is fragrant and full of sleeves, the process of each flower is beautiful and joyful, and every memory related to the flowers is worth collecting.. How many beautiful thoughts do those simple but elegant or gorgeous, or enchanting or dignified flowers bring to people's hearts?

   I like the sentence "I love flowers all my life and love my old age.". "Reading makes one's lips and teeth fragrant, what a heartache sentence! Flowers inside, must be hidden acacia, or must be hidden some chapters related to acacia. In life, how many people came in a hurry and got lost in a hurry, leaving only the back of to have a fleeting glimpse. If you have met in the best time and seen the most beautiful flowers with your hands, even though it is best to be separated into two sides by the wind and smoke of the world, with a low brow, suddenly there are people who can think and read, it is also a kind of fulfillment in life..

   Life, is it not a process of blooming flowers??

   I think every flower has a soul? The heart-to-heart meeting of a flower is like the reunion of two similar souls.. Perhaps, in the previous life, we were all flowers. In this life, we waded in to find ourselves lost in the previous life.? Otherwise, why do strangers meet, stand still, keep silent, keep silent, and read the joy and emotion of the bottom of my heart from each other's eyes.

   Women are as beautiful as flowers, with thousands of flowers and various kinds of women.. Whether coquettish or elegant, there is a softest corner in the bottom of my heart, which is reserved for the person who can understand her heart..

   I like those women who manage the ordinary days with vivid colors. A window and a crescent moon are all beautiful scenery. A cup of tea, a Fermentation starter, can nourish the soul. In the hustle and bustle to maintain a transparent, in trivial to maintain an elegant, life, simple but full of poetry. Such a woman is quiet, elegant, cool and calm, just like a small flower blooming beside the Mekong River in yin?edema, with a light heart and faint fragrance.

   It is better to embrace the old on the fragrant branches than dance with the yellow leaves in the autumn wind.. I wish I could turn my life into a flower. No matter how many times I have experienced wind, frost, snow and rain, I always send out elegant fragrance and use graceful posture to appreciate the fleeting time..

   Crystal curtain moving breeze, full of roses a fragrant courtyard. If the time is old and you no longer run for your life, you will keep a quiet and deep courtyard and plant flowers in the garden. when the morning light is slightly dew, you will see the cool breeze passing through the bamboo shadow, the rose crawling over the low wall, the dancing sunshine shedding graceful light and shadow, and the time singing softly.. After that, a wisp of morning dew remuneration for a writer was picked up to write about the wind, rain and flowers. Write about the meeting in Na Yue that year. Write about the quiet time and safe time..

   (2) Green Rhyme Makes Fragrance

   Although Ciel Phantomhive in the north is misty and misty in the south, with faint fragrance floating and little flexibility and poetic flavor, it also has a touch of thick or light green color, which makes it a picture scroll with unique charm..

   These days, I like to go out for a walk in the early morning, bathe in the rising sun, breathe the fresh air, stop and go among the clumps of green trees, and linger among the ordinary small flowers and grass.. I love this moment very much, without the noise of the day, without the scorching heat of extremely hot, without the pressure of work and life, without the fetters of the world.. Looking around, we can't see the edge of the green, thick, light, deep, shallow, without deliberate, so naturally and properly combined together, one by one, wipe, directly connected to the sky, like jumping notes, dancing charming melody in the breeze, like natural lines of poetry, spreading light fragrance between lips and teeth.

   Likes green, likes this symbol vitality and the vigor color, likes this may bring the human mind to be tranquil, the soul washes the color. Often, when the mood is upset and tired, I like to place myself in the green arms of inside. I feel its strength in the weakness of a grass and its greatness in the ordinary of a tree.. Buddhavacana said: "One Flower Is A World, one leaf, one bodhi. "vegetation is sentient. in the eye contact with flowers and plants, you can always feel the light Zen meaning contained in one flower and one grass, and feel the gentlest gift of nature to life.

   Life is a pot of tea brewed slowly with world flavor. There are all kinds of feelings and experiences in it. Happiness, sadness, disappointment and melancholy … As time goes by in inside, there are always some missed things that make people Maracaibo and some scenery that make people forget..

   In life, there will always be too many hundred thousand turn back and too many frustrations and tribulations. I believe that every passage is scenery and sentiment. It is experience and gain.. Walking with love, cherishing with affection, savoring with heart, no matter how plain the day is, no matter how bumpy the road is, there will always be a faint fragrance from savoring..

   I like the serenity of "picking chrysanthemums under the east fence and seeing the south mountain at ease" and the open-minded and free spirit of "returning to the country, neither rain nor shine". Like "and try the new fire tea, poetry and wine take advantage of time" natural and unrestrained broad-minded.Time, half bright, half sad, half life, half poetic, half fireworks. Life is like a journey. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is full of too many unknowns. You can never predict whether The Crossing is waiting for you with the joy of blooming flowers or the melancholy of the rain hitting plantains.. However, no matter how life is presented to you and me, happiness or sadness will eventually become a thing of the past, unable to start again and unable to retain it.. All we need to do is cherish the present moment, with a calm heart, cherish the joy of meeting each other, and cherish the gifts of each passing year..

   Learn to smile and you will reap happiness. Learn to adapt, and you will know how to be happy with the situation. Learn tolerance and you will feel more the quiet beauty in your life journey. Learn to appreciate, you will draw more nutrients from others for your elegant bloom..

   Despite the complexity of the world, the drift of life, and the simplicity of one's mind, one can also cultivate a sense of transparency in the hustle and bustle and feel a trace of compassion in indifference.. (责任编辑:admin)




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